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  1. see post #343 This is why I took my scans down from the web - people sell 'em. Sad.
  2. Complete the bears section ..
  3. Check the rewards for missing Gold medals - if it's toys - you need to win them.
  4. Don't forget walls, floor, beams, etc .. Make sure the music is turned up and just go for the theme easiest to hear (noise played after selecting)
  5. Thanks again to Richjn for the new pics, and thanks for the support for my old [[scan tags]] thread. (I removed them from Flickr because someone on eBay was selling a link to my hosted pics !!)
  6. Peace & Hearts Bear .. [ATTACH]6606[/ATTACH]
  7. Endless Hearts Teddy .. [ATTACH]6605[/ATTACH]
  8. Colorful Hearts Bear .. [ATTACH]6604[/ATTACH]
  9. Champ Bear .. [ATTACH]6603[/ATTACH]
  10. Just finished See new Thread for all four Build-A-Bear tags ( click >> ) http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?p=4628740#post4628740 Big thanks to "Richjn" for the spy pics!
  11. Post all bear tags here
  12. If you don't try to hit every bubble that seems to work. It was a while ago - but I think I used to get them in groups of 3 at a time. The combo score is a big factor - it's better to get fewer bubbles and a big combo - than loads of bubbles with loads of misses. I used to stay in the middle area mostly on the last level. You'll never get the gold with crazy throwing - just take your time, and place your shots and get a good combo.
  13. Send me a PM - and I will fix them with pleasure
  14. Oh - I found the Champ fur Kids one too.. [ATTACH]6576[/ATTACH] Yeah dude - I rock:rock
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