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  1. Ok so some of the achievements for getting a certain score or combo are unlocking but none of the mode achievements are unlocking I hit level 25 in endless and nothing popped I lasted 6mins in timed mode and got nothing so all the achievements with percentage bars are unlocking but nothing else is???
  2. Approximate time to 1000: 400+ Hours Approximate time to 900: 300+ Hours
  3. Approximate time to 1000: 400+ Hours Approximate time to 900: 300+ Hours
  4. I've just completed them all at night and didn't get the achievement I even ran it again and got nothing my achievement percentage is stuck on 90% I know I haven't missed any as me and a friend were doing them together and he got the achievement after completing the last one anyone got any ideas?
  5. Right so can anyone tell me if I met the requirements for the xbox 360 achievements on the xbox one can I boot up the 360 and they will unlock?
  6. So does anybody know if I meet the requirements for the xbox 360 achievements I still need, can I load up the game on 360 and they will pop? E.g. 10k heals complete 60 quests
  7. Deleted my save from the box and the cloud done the first two levels then nailed into the abyss in 4:37 prayed for a pop and still nothing
  8. Twice I have done this under 5 minutes the first time I done it in 3:42 and no pop not sure as to why it's not unlocking
  9. Need one more for the polyamory achievement add me and I can inv
  10. Looking to boost Kan-Ra Match-up cheevs ASAP GT: Conor x420a
  11. You won't be able to unlock Achievements on Assassins creed aswell cuz it's the app that's messed up not the game
  12. I Unlocked 100 Wins, it's at 100% and just says Done Unlocking... My Achievement bars all keep changing between 0% and what they really are at I also cannot make any progress on Cheevs, 97% for the 150 games played so I played about 10 more and it's still on 97% I also have 52% on kill 50 hunters then went and killed about 12 yet it makes no progress.
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