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  1. It took hours for me to get gold on all hard levels, then nothing unlocked!! I did them all via the phone, I then carried on and ended the game which gave me an ending achievement but no golden child (((. All of the awards are gold, I don't get it.
  2. Thought I'd pass on some help as this is where I looked when I struggled, the hunter mission (London) you need 600 for gold my best was 540. This is what I did... Went round the outskirts of the park pressing double xx (as said above) Also shooting the crap out of cars along the way. then at the end of wave 4 I got my weapon and stood on the balcony, the helicopter comes, jump and shoot then drive over to the other balcony. Repeat 2 more times. My end score 910 with a lovely chevo
  3. Just done level 5 staying alive with my first real try, when you use the elevator when you have to fight 39 robots go back a bit so you step down, it gives you some cover, if you get hit too much run left to right over and over while firing.
  4. I found this http://www.trueachievements.com/Cars-RaceORama-xbox-360.htm?gamerid=316618 I assume the guy who completed it 2nd is "bad Santa" as the dates match up Just rented the game so will see if I get any luck
  5. More for abit of fun, game compare ect? Obviously I'd welcome any level players to join me, someone around my stage would be nice too
  6. This guide has helped me quite a bit this week, thankyou!!! Anyone stuck on the sliders for the "all puzzles" achievement, this is a great Youtube channel, I can not do sliders, so this guys helped ALOT. http://www.youtube.com/user/antoniosbandana just search the one you need
  7. Hey all I've not got many friends and would like some gamescore peeps around my level to add just for fun, I just hit 46k last night seriosblack
  8. Had to give a thanks for the guide, thanks for the time and effort
  9. only 1 achievement left and the server just won't work
  10. Im playing in free play wondering around the castle but I can't find the huge garden where hagrids hut is? Think its got some of the last things I need. Please help never mind Ive found it! x
  11. Thankyou so much for the guide, saved alot of time specially for the gold bars, Forgot about building the things under the pub, then found the secret level, thanks alot! 100% done =D
  12. The problem is Xbox wont let me reg it so I cant see online, its wierd
  13. Not bad at all... http://www.seganerds.com/2009/01/19/sega-mega-drive-ultimate-collection-achievements-revealed/ Wonder why the game has no forum?
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