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  1. Fruit Ninja (WP8) takes about 1 hr to complete.
  2. Hello every one. I am just curious if this title will use a cloud save, thus unlocking any achievements that you have already unlocked in the other version of the game. Thanks in advance.
  3. Field and Stream Fishing is around 5 hours give or take. I would have finished in in one afternoon, but I fell asleep from working a 3rd shift. Very easy game.
  4. They do want a lot for it. it took a lot of skating to save up for all the items. just get good at chaining together tricks and you will build up cred faster.
  5. Exact same for me. will report back when tried. EDIT: Worked like a charm!!
  6. Exact same for me. will report back when tried.
  7. I didn't have an issue with the auto save system. I am on the last fight on 1999 mode. It seemed to save every 5 minutes or so.
  8. Great list. I was starting to run out of games, so this helps out a lot!
  9. Do these need to be done in local co-op, or can you play this online?
  10. anytime they give away that many points I seem to win between 800-1600 msp. count me in!
  11. Just a heads up, since I never read anything about this before, but leagues are disabled for this game. http://2ksports.com/news/2ksports/416 Just giving a heads up since I somehow missed any news about this from all the various sites that I use.
  12. Great start to the guide. I will keep a lookout for the finished version.
  13. Thanks for the input fellas. So i had already beat the game on insane difficulty for the regular campaign, thus making it impossible for me to see which chapter i have done on insane arcade. This is because epic made the same symbol in the top right corner for both arcade and regular campaign. But with that said, i started insane arcade from the prologue 2 days in a row and finished it both times. I hosted both, so maybe i should start another campaign with someone else hosting. Who knows. all i know is that this is taking way to much time. Back to the drawing board. Merry Gearsmas!!!!
  14. Im sure this may have been asked about before, but my search reavealed nothing. So i have now officially finished Gears 3 arcade on insane 2 full times. Each in a single sitting, and the medal will not unlock for me. Has anyone else encountered this or found a way to make it work correctly? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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