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    I want to boost every game on my profile that requires online achievements. I would like to boost!!
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  1. I'm doing this for Zumba Fitness for the 100 different people achievement. I just tried on Xbox.com. I created 3 accounts and as I hit continue to create the 4th account it told me I have reached my limit for the day. I can't create anymore. Does anyone know to create as many as you want a day?
  2. I believe you can only create 3 accounts a day on Xbox but I heard there's a way to create as many as you want a day. I need to do this because its a free gold weekend and it will help me with this one game and I need the accounts now. Does anyone know how to create more than 3 accounts a day?
  3. If you have Xbox One you can workout for free for just 3 more months. Has many different kinds of workouts. For 360, I would suggest Self Defense, Your Shape Fitness games, Zumba Fitness games, or Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure.
  4. So I have played over 80 different Kinect games and have never had this problem. Recently I have been playing Michael Jackson and Home Run Stars. Almost every time when the game makes you sign in it disconnects me from Xbox Live and tells me I need to update my security to my profile. So I have to enter my password and stuff again. But when I do that every time it gives me an error. Does anyone know why Kinect games do this? I don't need to update my security so I don't know why it keeps making me do that. How can I avoid this from happening?
  5. It will fix for you guys if you still have achievements left to unlock in the glitched game but if it was your last achievement that didn't sync then your shit out of luck.
  6. It hasn't been fixed and most likely never will be fixed. I have been having the exact same problem as you guys for 8 months now. http://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?threadid=4183157
  7. I finally finished the last level in story mode (level 320) and got the Shenanigans! achievement. I am the first on the Xbox to do it. Here is the video if anyone wants to see this achievement pop.
  8. why would you quit?? This achievement is so easy! I should be done in a couple weeks.
  9. Its more like 400 hours without doing the unlimited stamps glitch.
  10. Both season 1 and season 2 passes are now working. You can download them. Also all achievements in the game are obtainable now. You can thank me. I talked to support not long ago and told them all the issues with the game.
  11. dis is da easiest Kinect game ever to get 1000G! I just got all 46 achievements in the same day. Not dat hard.
  12. ha ha ha and ha ha and one more ha. You are funny!
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