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  1. I cant get any options to pop up. I can unlock the boss guy, new colors, i can hear the announcer guy when i put in the options code, but when i go to the options it says Unavailable. Cant even change difficulty!
  2. I haven't been able to log in to do the resistance mode for days now
  3. We're now almost in October and the game is still in preview... Any word on this?
  4. So is this game an MMO without MMO type achievements? If so that's freaking awesome and I'm definitely going to play it
  5. Can you go into more detail as to why you advise to wait to take everything over until the very end?
  6. I've gotten the glitch to happen 3 times now and still no achievement can someone please provide some more info? I mean anything really.
  7. I'm trying to figure out if it's better to just quickly make it to the last breakdown level and then invest time and upgrading and getting all the challenges or should i be spreading it out throughout each level?
  8. The entire last level had me so on edge it was ridiculous
  9. I wonder why none of the DLC added new achievements?? I LOVED this game, but i'm too much of an achievement junky to buy the DLC.
  10. Anyone know how long to 1k?
  11. I actually rather enjoyed this game, especially when you consider it was made by six 21 year olds that also had full time jobs at the time.Good for them.
  12. If I sneeze the wrong way endless hordes of troops bare down on me. I can never tell which direction they are shooting from, and i'm dead in no time. If I try to hide, they find me. If I run, they just shoot me from miles away with perfect accuracy. The game states during a loading screen that if I kill everyone my alert level will go down. However, trying to do so results in endless reinforcements showing up, eventually leading into an attack helicopter showing up. I never have enough ammo to take everyone on. There are like hundreds of these stupid villages I have to 100% and each one ends up taking like 10 mins because of bullsh*t battles or having to respawn 2 or 3 times. What the hell am I missing? Why is everyone acting like this difficulty is a breeze?? Im grabbing as many health upgrades as I can find. I also maxed out the M16.
  13. Where did you guys get the anthology from? I cant find a copy anywhere!
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