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  1. Update: http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/showpost.php?p=5161590&postcount=97 Seems like after GBX and MS was pestered, they are finally looking into it.
  2. I'm honestly surprised this hasn't been addressed yet, whether its an error on Microsofts/GBX/2k or whomever is at faults part. I've been watching the GBX forums implode on themselves basically for over 6 hours now with no official response, while those who don't have the season pass sit around and play it. Edit: UVHM works... just not the Holodome DLC and Level Cap increase.
  3. I think they are having problems with this again like they did in Bl2. I would recommend everyone backing up their files and characters (this was the only way I found around it in Bl2.) Personally, my badass rank hasn't dropped down at all. On the other hand, I am having my skill trees reset several times a day.
  4. Thanks again for this. Seems I had to get Lv1 completed for it even to show up for me.... only needed one more kill.
  5. Is there anyway that you can tell me what Hot Lead Injection requires? I believe that is the one I am missing.
  6. Also, if there is anyone that has all the Assault Rifle challenges unlocked, could u post them here? For some reason, I have an undiscovered assault rifle challenge.
  7. Actually, you only have to complete everything to Lv 1 besides the area ones. Guns/Enemies yes, specific area stuff like Vault symbols no
  8. Feel free to use whatever I said on the other guide posts if u need it for your guide.
  9. Thanks for this... That literally got the achievement for me.... not sure what everyone else is missing though.
  10. Considering that Bl1 didn't have it.... it might mean that its just a signature thing for Bl2. That being said, that doesn't mean they don't plan for it in a future dlc or something like it. Nothing has been confirmed in the way of DLC yet (other than Jacks Bodydouble and The Baroness Lady Aurelia Hammerlock as playable characters< even those are not officially confirmed, just datamined info).
  11. Just to add some more info to this, there seems to be an abundance of Eternals in all the areas after Vorago Solitude as well (Tycho's Ribs, Eleseer, etc).
  12. You need to do the mission "Guardian Hunter" in the area Vorago Solitude. Choose to kill the poachers at the end of the mission. Its a side mission.
  13. You need to do the mission "Guardian Hunter" in the area Vorago Solitude. Choose to kill the poachers at the end of the mission. Its a side mission.
  14. With a second controller, you can do it in split screen. So, definitely not online required.
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