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  1. Hi,


    Just wondering if you are willing to vouch for someone trying to get rep status for the site. No worries if you are busy, I was just told I had to track someone down on my own who is willing.



  2. Tron

    EA Pass corrupt

    good to hear, well not really, but you guys know what i mean. thanks
  3. Tron

    EA Pass corrupt

    Anybody get this on NHL 11? I just played last night and when i sign on today, it says there is an error getting my online pass info from the EA servers. It then asks me to redownload and nothing happens... let me know if anyone knows how to fix this. Tron.
  4. all tables. GT = Erton must put Pinball in title of msg or will not accept.
  5. great post... the hits thing is so true...the other alternative is never getting hit or losing the puck and completing every pass (which is virtually impossible)
  6. Tron

    Achievement Guide

    edited main post. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/nba-2k6/guide/
  7. Tron

    Grrrr Goals

    yessir... i am adamantly opposed to those automatic goals...
  8. Tron

    Grrrr Goals

    i dont consider watching the goalie drop to his knees as a glitch goal... all of those goals are completely defendable.
  9. Tron

    Those Posts!

    http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=257855 me and some other people put some tips up there
  10. agreed.. i went from 4 to 5 by adding all teammate lines.
  11. Tron

    Grrrr Goals

    i average 8 a game vs single... Easy ways to score (according to me) NEAR POST!. High Slap shot from either of the offensive face off dots high and near... If you have the ability to watch the goalie as you skate, when you pull your stick back, wait for him to drop and it will sail over his shoulder for a goal. Deflections. Have your offense set to crash the net and cycle the puck (like real hockey), once your forward line is in front of the keeper have one of the defenders blast a slapper, high or low, doesnt matter... i get one or two like this game... also a good way to try and get the review achievement Breakaways. 3-4 a game. using the backhand to sneak it far post as you come across the slot is an easy goal too... but as someone said above, these dekes are usual this year and really do screw up the defense... i like the kick deke (down and LB) and my guy usually flys by... if you dont know how to score on a breakaway, here is my technique... Left Deke to DOWN to right then hold upper right (wrister)... works 80% of the time and 100% of the time that you do it right..
  12. im a 5 star with Team Potential at 86... Team Chemistry DOES play into the rating.
  13. i did it successfully on a HUT Online game...
  14. ive pretty much wasted a day doing HUT online tournaments and then taking a random lost in the semi's because i get disconnected from EA, not XBL... anybody else having this?
  15. worst ive found so far was the xbox live tournament in HUT... if a player quits in the last minutes it doesnt count at all...
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