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  1. Hey man, it's been some time since I've seen you post on the forums. How have you been? Happy Birthday!

  2. I sure hope so! Anthony has been my favorite for the past (almost) 4 years now since Gears 1 came out. And for that, I must choose Clay.
  3. (Top is best, bottom is worst) AR: FAMAS FN2000 SMG: UMP45 P90 LMG: AUG HBAR MG4 (needs the silencer problem to be fixed. will never happen though.) Sniper: WA2000 M21 EBR Handgun: USP .45 Desert Eagle Machine Pistol: PP2000 TMP Shotgun: Toss up between M1014/Spas-12 Ranger(s) Launcher: Stinger Javelin Riot Shield: Riot Shield Riot Shield On a side note. The Universal Machine Pistol .45 gets the same status being called a "noob gun" as did the P90 in CoD4. I believe it is the best and possibly cheapest sub machine gun, but I continue to use it because it is dwarfed in all aspects by assault rifles besides mobility. For this reason I'm not sure why it still gets so much hate. /end rant
  4. You could also just clear your system cache. It removes all updates from your games. Not permanently, just until you play the game again, you'll receive the request to update.
  5. Hey guys, I'm a little tight on money right now so I'm only able to get one game in the next couple months. I'm in a toss up between Conviction, Bad Company 2, and Red Dead Redemption. I'm new to the Splinter Cell series but I love Tom Clancy and games the the Conviction demo, however I don't have a good friend to play co-op with at the moment. I enjoyed Bad Company 1 and BF: 1943 and they were both fairly entertaining. I'd only get them for the multiplayer aspect though, but I'm still having a little fun with MW2 although I get frustrated quite a bit. And as far as Red Dead Redemption goes, it looks amazing and do you guys think I should hold off for that instead? Thanks for your feedback.
  6. When Oblivion was first released it was rated Teen. It was then changed to Mature a few months later.
  7. Do you boost? If so, please feel free to join my boosting social group, I'm always on the look out for x360a members that have half a brain cell between their ears... One of the more important aspects of boosting in my opinion. The others being dependability and maturity.


    Anyway, if you want to join, there's a place for you.


    PS. BMFV are phenomenal live... You should certainly go and see them if you get the chance.

  8. I got 28.75 seconds, taking advantage of the accuracy bonuses of the pistols. I don't see how it's possible to get anything better than 25 seconds, as my accuracy was 130% shaving off like 5 seconds.
  9. I only played 7 or 8 matches, but 50-52. My goal was 50, but I actually like these "tactical changes." It's a shame they changed this right when MW2 is knocking on the door.
  10. Yeah there are nearly 100,000 people playing CoD4 on average. I don't know about WaW as I don't have it, but it is also heavily played online.
  11. That's what they said a long time ago. Then Halo 3 boosted it up from 1250 ---> 1750 so you never know. And from what I've heard, there is no new DLC coming out anytime soon however, the TU6 (I think it's 6, I've lost count...) has been confirmed and is on the way. Maybe 6 is the charm to fix this game.
  12. Rookie. I am more of the quiet type in person, so I can relate with his silence.
  13. And no one, just no one, no one will break this frontline!!! Great song I've been listening to a lot of All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, Disturbed and KoRn recently.
  14. Plasma pistol solves most Brute problems. And for the record, the Sniper Rifle sucks ass except for multiplayer.
  15. I believe that would be a link to this sites Twitter page!
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