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  1. Yes, there are enough treasure keys in the game to open all treasure chests. In my first playthrough (115/117% completion) I have found 100% treasure in every zone and purchased the six keys available from the merchant. Upon opening all of the chests, I have 4 keys remaining (which is likely 5 for most but I messed up the sequence for unlocking one of the chests). So, unless you have messed up the unlock sequence on too many chests, you should have plenty of keys for 100% treasure completion.
  2. Apparently this is also not achievable to all smartphone uses. I just recently purchased the Droid DNA (Android), and the app is not compatible with my phone. -_-
  3. I just started using this app recently as well, and noticed I had the same songs for a few days as well this week. I just checked however, and it looks like there are some new ones today. The app says "new free songs every day!" but perhaps this isn't really the case. Either way it is a "free" app, so I guess can't complain too much.
  4. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/2541/5-hBGwo=.jpgVariety 5http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpg So many songs in your repertoire! I got this after singing 30 different songs, unlike the 29 the other person reported. Anyone else get it after 30?
  5. Lol, seriously? Have you ever touched a DMC game before?.... this is nothing new. The more challenging modes offered the better. At least it gives it more value for your money, and the ability to test your skills. Most games are too easy, at least they have given us a challenge. A real game with some real [tough] achievements. Not everything in life [or games] is easy to achieve, as it should be. Completing all those difficulty levels are real achievements - even if the game didn't have them, or achievements at all, I would consider it an achievement personally. Sorry it's not an easy 1000. Go try Prey or something.
  6. I use Arbiter the most; it is one of my favorites. I also really enjoy Aquila.
  7. Yes, there are costumes for completing difficulties... and I'm sure eventually they will place other skins up on XBL for purchase. Everyone wants to milk the money cow, so I wouldn't be surprised.
  8. I would say it is worth checking out. Look at some videos online, read some reviews, try out the demo - decide for yourself. I'm not a crazed fan, but I have played and do love all the prior DMC games, it's one of my favorite franchises. I was a bit disappointed with the change in Dante myself, and even after playing this I still much prefer the old version, however, you must realize it's a new story/theme so a change makes sense with what they're doing. I'm not loving the new one as much as everyone else I think, but it's a good game.
  9. I'm not sure how many of the old ones you've played... but I played them all and this one is quite different. Pretty much like everyone has said, the story and theme are quite different... especially this whole limbo concept, among other things. DMC3 is still my favorite, but this game is pretty good. I miss the old Dante though, he was much more attractive ;P.
  10. I preordered through GameStop and my skins worked after obtaining the two, so I'm guessing that is correct. Additionally, I did get my 3 upgrade points, and they did work.
  11. ^^ So I've followed these directions exactly 3 different times... I even tried using different characters, but this achievement will NOT unlock for me. Is anyone else having this problem? Also, on a side note... for the Space Channel 5 achievement it also works if you go to the "Highlights" section under TV; it is also much quicker than trying to wait for a "Live Channel".
  12. The graphics certainly make the game unique, and I'm positive that it was intended to be that way. I don't think they would've released a game with such awful graphics, and especially one that became so popular. It's just something different. And as one of the above posts mentioned, years ago these would've been fantastic to people! It's just a different perspective and style, and I like it. Not to mention, notice how the graphics are fairly similar in the upcoming borderlands 2....? It's kind of a trademark of theirs imo.
  13. Regardless of 2, the HD collection is a pretty damn good deal. 3 games for I believe its $40? I loved 1 and 3... 2 isn't the greatest (and I also wasn't a huge fan of 4). But you're still getting at least two awesome games you're likely to love! You could always rent it, play 1 and 3 and skip 2... if you really wanted to. I love DMC, so it was a must-buy for me.
  14. From my laptop, when I'm bored or when I'm working on a game. Whichever. I always have a tab open for it ^.^
  15. No not necessarily. As the roadmap/achievement guide suggests in the forums, you can enchant go through a portal to save the enchant if it works, come back and keep repeating until the cheevie pops. If you get a disenchant, you can exist to dashboard without it saving, and go back in and continue from where you left off. I found it easier to hold off on this achievement. I had about 100k gold, bought a cheap white, basic staff and spammed A. I got both achievements in a few seconds, exited to dash and restarted with all my gold that I had before the attempt, with the achievements as well! Though I may have gotten fairly lucky on that.
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