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  1. I would have to say when the little annoying kid that talks crap and yells in the lobby the whole time gets booted. it just makes my day when my ears don't bleed during matches and just knowing he isn't there anymore to annoy me and also who do you know to mute? there is interesting people online to talk to while your gaming and makes the expiernce exciting. so any moment the little kid is gone is the funniest and best moments of my life on online play.
  2. Vote your favorite online play and make your complaints also. i include team and everyman for himself in each choice. sorry i don't feel the 3 co-op really are too exciting and everyone just boost off NOOSE.
  3. Yeah i been playing online alot and still havent see nany rockstar gamertags.
  4. Vote for who you think is the funniest charcter in GTA 4
  5. has anyone gotten this achievement? if so does anyone know the devolopers gametags?
  6. bringing the old ps1 to the senior lounge this year and playing good old deer hunter than someone stole the game and system.
  7. i think you should include more reviews on games. i like to see reviews on most games before i buy them.
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