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  1. Im looking for 3 others to help me with the co-op achievements (finish 5 quests) and the Co-Op challenges! Send me a request - Nightreflection
  2. If anyone can help with the On a Rail, Zombie Doctor and When Pigs Fly achievements id appreciate it. Gamertag is NightReflection
  3. I need pretty much all of the non ranked play achievements that need to be done online with all characters - non of my actual friends play this so if your interested then hit me up @ Nightreflection (I'm not super amazing) (win a match) (defeat 6 different opponents) (supreme victories)
  4. Looking for help on all Extinction maps, hit me up on Nightreflection
  5. If anyone could help me with this by sending me an invite i would appreciate it :-) After playing 150 rounds or so on Detroit I'm a little bored of this mode!! My gamertag is Nightreflection
  6. So from looking at the list, the achievements that are not Halo Game Specific (for example playing the Halo 1,2,3 or 4 Story etc) are obtainable from playing all of the Halo Games? Does anyone know this? This will be my first time playing through the series so it would be good to know :-)
  7. You will receive a 24 hour ban for doing that lol, already tried it.
  8. I am unlocking the achievements, It all depends on which one you are referring to? It shows on my smartglass that i am unlocking them too
  9. Yep it is enjoyable, like i mentioned it does have that RE 4 feel about it but deffo a step in the right direction.
  10. I would say its not an easy game, im playing on casual which as you would expect you find ammo and things etc frequently but i must have died close to 20 or 30 times already. So far im really impressed, and being a fan of the old school horror games like the early resident evils and silent hills, this game is quite something.
  11. Im about 4 hours in and on chapter 5, there are 14 chapters from looking at the achievement list, but im going to spend allllll day on it tomorrow so will hopefully have some kinds of a heads up for you guys.
  12. I got lucky, saw it on the shelf and asked if it was in stock, however the electronics counter was closed so the security guard (who im presuming didnt know it wasnt released yet) handed me a copy :-) and thanks haha have the same signature printed on a cup i use!
  13. This game is awesome!!! I managed to get lucky and grab a copy last night from Tesco! Been playing it for a few hours now and i must say its a gripping game, not sh*t my pants just yet but the suspense is unbelievable! Has a very Resident Evil 4 feel to it which is never bad!!
  14. When D3 came out on PC originally i started with a Demon Hunter, same again when it came out to 360. When it was released on the XB1 i started with a crusader (as i had already tried a Barb and WD) Demon Hunter is decent if you dont want to get into the middle of the battle.
  15. Guys, Realllllly need help with the last 3 achievements before i start on Fifa 15. They are: Teamwork: Win your first seasons match in Pro Clubs Bros Gonna Bro: Start a Co-op Season On Your Way: Unlock 15% of the Pro Accomplishments Just send me a friend request @ NightReflection and lets get these out the way!!!
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