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  1. I didnt purchase the game till after the large update. After they took off the app for facebook and twitter and added internet explorer. Is there anyway to link your 360 profile to facebook without the xbox app for facebook?
  2. I was wondering if i need to get an S rank on the order missions or am i allowed to clear the subquests and the S rank means nothing. Or both mean nothing for that matter? Will i still get the achievement if i dont get the S rank or the subquest(s) is what im asking.
  3. For 720 i did the lower left one. The one you go down the ramps as fast as possible. You go a little wide then cut in and your able to go off the ramp before the corner and shave off some time that way. Took 3 tries to get the hang of it. and sinistar is so damn hard he always eats me. Cant figure that one.... A video would help.
  4. bein tryin for a while now and cant seem to get it and i know ive done well on the encore please someone share their knowledge of this achievement with me and possibly some other people who do not have this dont know what i have to do.....
  5. ok so ive been playin this game for a while now and was wondering how to get this achievement... ive mastered 3 songs played them as well in master mode and went to go for the event and nothing but gettin mad because now i have to master another song cause it now gives me 4 song events instead of 3 please someone give me a step by step instructional cause apparently i have no idea what to do or what i need to do to get this......
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