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  1. Looking for help with the multiplayer achievements. Add me, Gamertag is David Borhi. Thanks!
  2. I'm having trouble unlocking "the hunter" I have three stars for Markov in lightning gun arc mine and assault rifle and it says 100% in character mastery screen through the leaderboards on Markov. Do I need to finish character mastery for blitz markov before achievement will unlock?
  3. Anyone up to boost multiplayer achievements? Gamertag: David Borhi
  4. Looking for help with: premade, likes to watch, gamertag David Borhi
  5. Looking for someone to boost the 4 multiplayer achievements. Gamertag: David Borhi
  6. Looking for help boosting HUT,online versus, and HUT achievements. Gamertag: David Borhi
  7. Ending up going with a strong defense and high rated HB (Calvin Johnson) for the third game was still a tight match 21-17, but was the only way I could win this achievement. Didn't put anything into QB or WR positions, just stacked defense and running for the third game. Use the first two games to brush up on your running game.
  8. Looking for help boosting MUT achievements. Gamertag: David Borhi
  9. Have been having a rough time getting this one lost to a field goal in OT and lost by 3. Any tips on if I should be stacking up on offence or defence for the third game? Usually get Cam Newtown or someone around his rating in the third game but Brady showed up today...
  10. Looking for help with medic and 40 ranked wins I have two controllers. Gamertag: David Borhi
  11. Looking for help with co-op and ranked achievements. Gamertag: David Borhi
  12. If anyone is up for grinding out the multiplayer achievements? Gamertag: David Borhi
  13. I'm looking for anyone that still needs the renaissance achievement. Gamertag: David Borhi
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