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    Been dating my lovely girlfriend Amanda (GT = subigurl) for 5½ years. Been gaming since forever!
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  1. Have you guys checked your stats on battlelog.battlefield.com?
  2. Matter of opinion. I personally hated RDR3 and didn't even 100% it. This. I don't have any complains on BF3. I play on PC so there is no lag and there is 100's of servers to choose from, even 20 in the city I live in. It's day one so nothing is going to be perfect. Just like all CoD's aren't until a year or more later (or still broken like they all are).
  3. As a test, try using the speakers on the TV with the sound from your Xbox's HDMI connection. If no sound drops out then, you can rule out the Xbox, HDMI cable and TV as the culprit.
  4. It sounds like a modem/router issue. If it were XBox Live, then we'd be hearing more stories like this. I'd recommend updating your modem/router to the latest firmware (if you haven't done already) and do a factory reset. Modem/routers can get very bogged down when you play online a lot and especially with different consoles. There are many different rules the modem/router has to use and eventually they get all mixed up and thus making your Xbox Live/PSN experience less than hopeless. Tried opening the correct ports for Xbox Live? Xbox Live and PSN use different protocols and ports, so just because one is working, doesn't mean the other service is going to. If possible, I'd recommend upgrading to a decent modem/router set up. I was on an 'okay' Netcomm modem/router that would give me an open NAT over live for about a month and then for no reason restrict me to Moderate and only a reset would give me an Open status again, even though all opens remain the same! I now have a far better Billion modem/router (and far more expensive) and I've yet to be dropped from open once (over 6 months now).
  5. If you are a student, any notebook will help. If you have a PC for a desktop, I'd suggest sticking with Windows. Having to juggle two operation systems can be a pain, I've been there. Yes Mac's are great for the design industry and if you end up working there, you'll be using a Mac every day. I guess it's up to you but if I were in your position, I'd not get a Mac yet. Please don't think Mac's are faster than PC's, this is a massive misconception. A PC is just as fast if not faster than a Mac, their OS is just more streamlined and their notebooks don't come preloaded with bloatware. Every time I get a new notebook (or a friend), I wipe the hard drive and do a fresh install of Windows, speeds up the computer ten fold!
  6. Cheap HDMI cables are prone to dying or loosing signal over long distance. If the cable you have is fine, don't bother upgrading. The signal in a HDMI cable is digital and travels though copper wires, no $100+ cable is going to give you better graphics, the idea is silly!
  7. I've owned a pair of Turtle Beach X41's and while they were good if they worked properly, they had many flaws. Constant buzzing, popping while in chat or not, sound dropping in/out at least every 5 minutes were all the issues I had with mine. I got fed up with the terrible performance for this $300 headset very quickly. I too it back and they tested my head set in store (I pointed out the flaws) and had all the same issues I had. I ended up getting a full refund. After doing loads of reading to try and fix my problems, I came across loads of people with similar issues. Seems like people have far more problems with Turtle Beach's than any other high end head set. I'd recommend the Astro 40's to anyone, and then the Tritton AX Pro's. I've used both of these and both are far superior to the X41's.
  8. I'd recomend Avast (free) or NOD32 (pay). Best to do a secure erase/wipe of the hard drive and start fresh. Don't ever install more than one anti-virus at once, they will compete with each other and not work properly. If you're looking for an awesome firewall, look no further than Comodo. It's beaten many big name, and expensive, competitors.
  9. Use a VGA cable like this one. I used to use this method for my old laptop (didn't have HDMI). http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/4074/vgacable.jpg This won't give you audio through your TV though. You will have to connect your notebook to your TV with a separate audio cable or hook your notebook up to a set of separate speakers (using the headphone jack on your notebook).
  10. Name a single motherboard from the 1366/1156/155 generation at can't do CrossfireX. If you have any motherboard older than this, then it's time for an upgrade if you are a serious PC gamer.
  11. I did indeed get what you meant. I sometimes have terrible grammar and spelling due to dyslexia but I always manage to get the idea of what others are trying to say.
  12. Might look into this for my girlfriend, thanks!
  13. I agree with everything you said. From a religious point of view, was Jesus evil? His disciples? What about other names such as Job or Noah? Or Sampson? Revolver, are you saying these people are evil? People may 'seem' evil now, but that is only because there are so many good people in the world and because the world on a whole is a better place than it has been for a long time. On the other hand, I agree that some of the major companies in this world that do wrong to the individuals should not be doing so. I'm no Michael Moore but the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. But then again, the rich got rich because they worked hard of made the effort and a lot of poor people are just budging off the wealthy and complain about their lives. It's a hard problem to solve... But I digress....
  14. This is what I do and it works great. In iTunes, go to Devices > your device name > Summary, under Options, tick the box "manually manage music and videos". Then when you want to add more media to your iPop, just drag and drop it to your iPod listed under Devices on the left of iTunes.
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