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  1. I struggled on mission 4 the most but I was trying to get the achievment for not getting attacked by the androids. So that might have been why i struggleed Also when the alien first shows up its hard until you learn how it works.
  2. No you can't kill it. You can scare it off with the flame thrower or malatov cocktail but you can't kill it. You cannot scare it off with other weapons I don't think. you can shoot it but it will keep running at you and kill you Don't know what that other thing is your talking out.
  3. Tough. doubt I could do it but sure there are people who will. I wouldn't recommend doing it if your goin for achievements your gonna have to run bits again for collectable and killing people so I'd save the hassell and do an easy run. Suppose if you can reload check points before you die then it's doable. Save points come often reviewers were making out you'd play 45 mins without a save. I backtracked when I felt like I hadn't saved in awhile never had to redo more the a15 min section due to death. It took me about 17/18 hours I found the 1st 1/2 of the game much harder than then later sections.
  4. Ive hammered It for the last two days. Managed to finish it on hard while getting the don't kill a human and the 2 dont die on the specific levels achievments. Looking at my achievement stats the alien only killed me 25 times. The androids probably killed me more. For anyone worried about weather to start on normal or not just go hard it's not that bad. Don't get used to normal. Once you hit mission 10 you get the flame thrower and it's much easier because there's no more instant deaths you can normally scare him off as long as you listen so you know when he's nearby. Can't say the full 1000 will be easy the no death could be a problem depending how the game saves those stats.
  5. I'm downloading the patch now. Anyone know if the title achievements are still glitchy hoping to unlock 150 titles for Fulgore at about 70/80 like my other characters.
  6. Good game plan. I'm looking to do this if anyone wants to work together GT : McMahon87
  7. That sounds right when I look at what I've got them for. I got 7 carried over from my last prestiges got one a piece for the 1st breeder battle and tentacle hive. Plus 2 extras for what must be kills. Also heard rumours that when you spend teeth they don't go permanently you can just move them around between powers don't dare risk it though will take me are to build up to 11 again. Anyone know if that's true or not?
  8. I've got them twice for taking out that hive bit I've done it loads of times it's weird. Sure reasoning will come out in the next few days it's going to take me forever to get to anything worthwhile I want 15 for the engineer power
  9. So anyone figured out yet how to get them I seem to get them randomly doesn't seem to be any logic to it!
  10. Looking for a team to do speed slayer and complete all challenges. GT - McMahon87
  11. Need all friendly achievements (heard they are in glitched now) and beat 6 character ones. I'll be on all day today GT- McMahon87
  12. I need to trade off the 6 wins against each character plus get the supreme victorys whilst at it. GT - McMahon87
  13. Need someone to help me get the trash picker achievement can't seem to get it on my own! The last one I need! Will to help with any other achievments can't get enough of this mode! GT - McMahon87
  14. I got the 90 objectives at 89 and just got the 120 at 113 anyone else got this? Hoping if it keeps dropping a bit and I can get away with only doing 170.
  15. Looking for someone to help me get the trash picker (obviously repay the favour) and the all challenges one. I'm a high level so got all the stuff. On now - 6.30am UK time and will be on till about midday. McMahon87
  16. Looking for people to help do all the challenges. last achievement I need and I'm struggling with randoms online. GT - McMahon87 Xbox one
  17. I need team work for xbox one if anyone can help out I'm on for the next 5/6 hours GT - McMahon87
  18. Gutted I like to feel like I've accomplished something with COD the last few have been far to easy. 4 for me was perfect really tough but never felt impossible. 2 on the other and nearly broke me I spent 5-6 hours on some of the toughest checkpoints. And WoW did break me, never did finish it.
  19. For anyone who's got it early How's Veteran stack up compared to other CODs? Is it a Modern Warefare 2 or World at War?
  20. If anyone is doing roof top rumble today please invite me McMahon87 I got reset so am only level 10. Needs to get some levels before I am back in work at the weekend. Or anyone who wants to just work on achievments need most of them!
  21. McMahon87 Charcter was reset at 24 so want to blitz it get back to a decent level.
  22. I need S rank on 4 levels on abyss if anyone could help me out been trying for days! McMahon87
  23. FYI you can only save one rocket launcher from the timed section where you a running to computer to deploy the chaff plane thing. You need to pick it up and put it in the box. If you used that in your normal play through it won't be there even if you go easy before doing your infernal run. It's one rocket per save file so if you want to save this rocket for your infern run start a whole new game on casual to stock pile ammo then infernal on that new game plus. You cannot save the rockets from the boss fight if you don't use them they will just be gone when you next play as Jill. I've just done a casual new game plus to mop up achievments and to get the rocket but it wasn't there. Not looking forward to Norman on infernal now!!!!
  24. I need someone to carry me through ghost ship need the achievment but also just want the boost in exp and BP. If anyone could help GT - McMahon87 ill be on most of today.
  25. Just finished normal was stuck on the last boss for ages. Was thinking about going back through again on new game plus on casual hording ammo and rocket launcher and mopping up a few achievments like kill Rachel. But dont want to waste my time, Can I new game plus a second time?
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