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  1. May I suggest you just play the game first, at least a little bit, before you start worrying about achievements. It's an absolutely amazing game and needs to be played to be enjoyed and not for getting achievements. Once you get to the end and are missing any achievements, you can just go back and do what is necessary to unlock them, its a non-linear open map game. Enjoy!!!
  2. Dude, I tried adding you last night, your FL is full. Apparently.
  3. I am in the UK, so need to consider that! Only need 2 titles/icons as per post above so once I have those, I'm stopping playing this, but happy to help / trade wins while I go for those. Will add a couple of you guys tonight.
  4. Looking to boost for 30 perfect wins (have 20 at the moment) and 30 time out wins (have 5). Willing to let you beat me for each match you let me beat you. Anyone interested please add me. Gamertag is now MM Hylian Elf. Thanks.
  5. There is no requirement on which character to use. Also, someone asked about losing and continuing. You can't lose, otherwise it's game over, ie cannot continue. So just press start on 2nd controller if you're about to lose, beat your "challenger" and try again. Anyone having trouble, remember that this game is a joke if you just pick Zangief and spam Lariat. You'll have to time it on Oni/E Ryu though. Pretty sure I got to Oni without finishing off Seth with an Ultra, but I may double check by trying it again.
  6. D'oh! Thanks, that's what I'm doing wrong! Was trying to use the code with my UK Gamertag, will try it with my Jap tag now. The game is just awesome!
  7. Hi, I bought the first print edition of this wonderful game. It came with the soundtrack and a DLC code. I don't know where to go and get the DLC. The code doesn't with in Redeem Code, and I can't find Akai Katana in the Game Marketplace. Help!!!
  8. Hi BenWo, please can you consider me for a slot. I can usually be online from 8pm (uk) or at weekends. This is the only achievement I need now! Thanks. Edit: got it now. 4th person I fought via ranked search was a 1st Lord. Used Any, English, Any as criteria. He bitch slapped me to oblivion!
  9. Ok, I'm getting rid of this game soon as I have now finished the campaign. I don't have time or patience for the XP based achievements ( sorry Xbox Scully, I'm giving up!), but would like to try and get the others. I've added a few of you guys, if we can get 4 of us together and just work on getting our missing achievements in next few days that would be cool.
  10. This is the only achievement I need for my 1000 so I would like in please if possible - I am in the UK so time/lag may be an issue but if we can somehow do it, I'd greatly appreciate it. I think throwing the match to BenWo is a good idea to keep his rank up and as a token gesture etc, but I also think that it would make it a boring and tedious affair if we just stand there and not do anything. I say fight, do what you can, and make it as entertaining as is possible - but then throw the match if you are about to win.
  11. Any of you guys in the UK? If so, add me for boosting some MP achievements. I usually play from 9pm UK time. This means US players daytime should be ok but unfortunately my connection will probably give lag.
  12. Just been trying this glitch for the past couple of hours, following exactly what the video says... it just won't crash! Annoying thing is that the 360 generally crashes here and there anyway (its by Microsoft after all!), but when you WANT it to crash...
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