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  1. Does any one know if the double exp from moutain dew work in spartan ops?
  2. anyone know if the Double EXP for moutain dew Counts in Spartan Ops?
  3. Hey everyone I'm trying to get the did it all achievement I have all the missions done in playthrough one its get to know jack the stupid button on the fan for the 5th echo won't turn green just wondering if anyone has the mission on playthrough one available for them so I can simply jump in and complete it with them GT is Idain Auzkovyn. send me an invite letting me know ya read this! thanks.
  4. I was wondering if someone might know if some sort of hotpatch might of happened cause last night my medium mech wasn't overweight and now it is..
  5. Ah so there is hope for 1k DoA4 lol I Lol'd so Hard when I red this part that Milk came out my Nose XD And the Ranked remark I made was towards ranked achievement in general :3
  6. thats the Zodiac that shows up in that mission to get him to show you have kill everything take less then 5k in damage and reach the train in 5 minutes. instead of the police AC it will be the Zodiac AC.. I'm trying to get him to show up now.. not having fun with it.. ><
  7. From the offical AC 5 facebook page. Answering to the questions (overseas version) Thank you for your questions about our company’s game title, ARMORED GORE V, and also a great thanks for your patronage to our product. We cannot answer to the particular questions of the overseas version (such as server and patches) of ARMORED CORE V, since NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. is in charge of the sales abroad. We are very sorry, but please contact NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. Also, please let them know your region and platform as well. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. We hope you will understand. Thank you FromSoftware
  8. Right so Bandai never posted on a forum what they were doing. ( the later being no one looked lol) As for the land not being reset well.. that the downfall with online games. well console at least. they dont' do things like simple resets to keep it fresh and going. it why I'll never get the one achievement in DoA 4 for being the top ranked player in the world.. ( on a side. in my opinion.. and to be blunt I apologies in advance but, FUCK ALL ONLINE RANKED ACHIEVEMENTS...
  9. Well earlier today they had something flashing on the screen about the season ending and shit was being reset.. now all the teams who have territories have " WE Quit" as their team emblem.. anyone know whaat the hell happened?
  10. cool and yea you can farm story mission-00 I get like 400k every time just kill everything you get paid for each kill.
  11. ouch. Hey if you guys need help maybe we can help each other out I'm trying to up my merc rank. AC:Nexus Pilot Name:Jericho-One GT:Idain Auzkovyn
  12. Yea I'm willing to help with any mission if you join them and no one's around. Just look for me in the merc listing. Mech: Nexus Pilot Name: Jericho-one GT is my user name on her.
  13. the Site is in Japanese but it comes with pics on the location of all the scrap parts you can find in the story mission and well google translate works real well for it! http://gamers-high.com/ac5/mission/haihin.html
  14. yea I'm normaly like whatever lets get these achievements and have fun but AC is my baby. why back when tips and tricks was round I entered their Ac contests and got my AC's name in one of the games. And well.. I'm not giving up my teams name to someone else. ITs Wolf's Dragoon damnit. only way it would happen is if Raven's Nest let me join. LOL
  15. Yea. I was thinking of starting a new thread for those who are interested in joining teams other than just having a "general" forums team. the trhing is I think the only way to do it right would be to make a separate forum page for people to make threads for their team(s).
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