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  1. He attracts a younger audience which find him hilarious due to his immaturity, some find it funny to watch him scream like a girl playing horror games. His accent coupled with good lucks make him attractive to girls, so he gets that demographic too. Personally, I find him irritating and can't watch him. But like many things, I can understand why others do.
  2. I was just having this debate in my head. If any other animal could fly with wings other than birds, which would be the worst? Mainly with respect to the idea that they will 'excrete' on you and your car. First I thought cows would be pretty bad, but we could train them to fertilise fields or even ride them, they are big enough. Then I thought dogs because their shit can blind you and it's horrible when you walk on it. That stuff could kill you if it hit you in the head. But then again, who doesn't want a flying dog? Flying tarantulas. Need I say more? We have a winner in my mind . How about you guys?
  3. Both, what they don't tell you is that you can get that wheel locked round if you put one hand be it right or left on the opposite side at the bottom and turn it... Life becomes easy when you ignore what people tell you.
  4. I've noticed that, off topic has seemed practically dead recently...
  5. Wow this is actually made me laugh out loud, how on earth did you come up with this? - Thankyou
  6. Hi, please could one of you kind people make a sig for me? If you would like to take on the challenge the only guidance I will give is that it must involve leaves being raided. If you do make a sig for me I will give you many virtual hugs, if you don't like the idea of that then make one for me and I won't give you any virtual hugs. ^.^ Thanks guys&gals
  7. I have spoiled most of this for myself and have just started the third book, I will return to discuss when I have finished the series but thus far I am hooked. I found the second book a tad dull, however.
  8. So, what are some good films/movies you have seen on netflix? I recently watched Battle Royale on there which is essentially Japanese Hunger Games. Except that it came before Hunger Games so truely it's the other way around. If you don't mind subtitles then give it a watch! The purpose of this thread is to share good movies that you have seen on Netflix so that we can all share the good film that is on there!
  9. The majority I have seen have just be shitty names people want to change for free. Seen a few jew related ones.
  10. We should totally put a community project together and build an x360a game... I dare say we have more than enough capable people on here to build up a reasonable game . We would just need a bit of coordination. OT-Eye scars are cool.
  11. Gackt has a very solid point here casual gaming is ruining the industry. Hell, look at Nintendo! I haven't been playing my 360 much for the past year and a half, the games are too dull and there's no real challenge. That's why I loved dark souls a challenge! Not as great a challenge as say Ghosts n Goblins but one of the harder games this gen. Luckily for me, in a sense, the NES and SNES came about just before my time and I grew up with the PS1 and the N64. This means I get to play backwards and I advise others to do the same. Zelda II the Adventures of Link is currently causing me hair loss. (This has gone way off topic)
  12. I really don't think that the NSA are interested in whatever it is that you are googling. If you look up erectile dysfunction, for example, the NSA aren't going to care. Unless you're looking up bomb building guides and child pic's the NSA are not going to be looking into you, even then they probably won't be up to much.
  13. I would highly advise against that, nobody will be able to find you with ease. You go into YouTube settings and disconnect from Google + and turn your account into a YouTube channel.
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