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  1. So basically every possible game that could ever be made currently exists using that logic and has yet to be announced. You must be constantly disappointed. That'd be fantastic.
  2. Why? Just because you don't like it?
  3. Need help with Chaos Undivided, Domination, and King Of The Hill. I can probably get 2 other people to help, so likely only need 3 more.
  4. This thread is supposed to be news, no one minds if he posts more then once.
  5. They might not have a new version of the traditional multiplayer, and only have overrun and hoard with the new enemies added and a code for Gears 3 DLC, similar to how ODST introduced firefight, but rather than making a new multiplayer had a separate disk with all the DLC from Halo 3.
  6. A shiny game with guns. :uzi:Looks interesting enough.
  7. As the dreadnought you can get great xp, so level 41 won't take too long. I had a 6,600 experience game as the dreadnought, and you get 1,000 xp for killing the dreadnought!
  8. If you pay me 10$ I'll gladly associate the number 1,000,000 with you! As much as I love achievements, I'm happy I don't live for them. Sad they didn't have any still, since you could have some fun ones! Once I killed 2 dreadnoughts in 1 game, and another time I got 30 kills without dying, as the dreadnaught, of course.
  9. I was just playing dreadnaught assault today, I got in a full game until everyone quit because we had a dreadnaught. I was able to find another populated match though. Dreadnaught assault is a great mode, and it comes with maps too. I wouldn't say the dreadnaught is overpowered either (somehow!), it does heal when not taking damage, but after it takes a certain amount of damage it can only heal up to a certain point, rather than to full again. But the enemy has to work as a team to kill it, one space marine versus one dreadnaught doesn't quite work. So you can find matches, it's probably the most fun of any of the modes, and it's fairly balanced. One of the cooler multiplayer DLCs in any game since it's not just a map pack.
  10. I'm going to crash into a volcano! Maybe it'll have an achievement for it!
  11. Looking for help with Full Assault. Only need one person, I'll set up a match on the six maps required with autobalance off so we can all be on the same team and fight bots.
  12. Not sure what you can do about that, but here's a list of how to get the award and medal dogtags, if you need help with modern art achievement. Awards MOST VALUABLE -- Highest kill death ratio MOST MOTIVATED -- Highest objective score MOST SNEAKY -- Most enemies shot in the back MOST COWARDLY -- Get shot in the back most NINJA -- Longest time in Stealth mode SPEED DEMON -- Most time sprinting ARMOR PLATING -- Most times shot while in Armor mode ADVANCED RECON -- Most time spent in Visor ASSASSIN -- Most stealth takedowns ADAPTABLE -- Most suit mode changes MURDERIZER -- Most Melee kills GLASS JAW -- Be melee killed the most UNTOUCHABLE -- Fewest deaths RAMPAGE -- Longest kill streak DEMOLITION MAN -- Most kills using C4 KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN -- Most time spent crouched LEAP OF FAITH -- Highest fall without dying AIDING RADAR -- Most radars called in IS IT A BIRD? -- Most time spent in the air VENDETTA -- Most kills of the same player GENOCIDE -- Kill the entire enemy team EXHIBITIONIST -- Highest number of skill kills MAGPIE -- Most number of dog tags collected CLAY PIGEON -- Most times killed in the air X-RAY -- Most bullet penetration kills STANDARD BEARER -- Most time carrying a flag DUG IN -- Hold a crash site for the longest time ALIENATED -- Most alien Bio-Ticks extracted TECHNOMANCER -- Download the most intel BING! -- Most headshot kills BANG ON -- Most accurate BULLETS COST MONEY -- Least shots fired BATTLEFIELD SURGERY -- Most times health restored to full MOST SELFISH -- Most kills without assists earned by teammates TOOLS OF THE TRADE -- At least 3 kills with 4 different weapons SPRAY AND PRAY -- Most shots fired BIG BANGER -- Most kills with a single explosive ROBBED -- Most kill assists MONEY SHOT -- Get the winning kill SINGLE MINDED -- Most kills DON’T PANIC! -- Most friends shot (number of hits) LONE WOLF -- Most kills without friendly player within 15m NEVER SAY NEVER -- Longest deathstreak ENERGETIC BUNNY -- Most energy used up WAR BIRD -- Most killed within 5 seconds of decloaking IMPREGNABLE -- Most fights won in armor lock TARGET LOCKED -- Most enemies spotted SAFETY IN NUMBERS -- Most kills with a friendly within 15m SPANKED -- No kills PARDON? -- Most grenades survived DIRTY DOZEN -- Score 12 kills without dying CODPIECE -- Most groin shots MOUNTIE -- Most killed with mounted weapons RIP OFF -- Most kills with ripped off mounted weapons PRO TIPS -- Most cloaked reloads WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME -- Be the winning kill OBSERVER -- Most time watching the killcam INVINCIBLE -- No deaths GOOD CONDITION -- Least damage received PUNISHER -- Most damage dealt BULLET MAGNET -- Most damage received PACIFIST -- Least damage dealt ICY -- Greatest distance slid BOING! -- Most enemies killed by Air Stomp Medals KILL 5,000 -- Kill 5,000 players online DEAD INSIDE -- Kill 10,000 players online BORN AGAIN -- Nanosuit Reboot for the first time [FYI - Reboot is Crysis' version of Prestiging] ETERNAL WARRIOR -- Nanosuit Reboot 5 times LEMMING -- Fall to your death 10 times FOOL -- Blow yourself up 10 times HIGH FLYER -- Finish top of the end game scoreboard 10 times MIDGET WRESTER -- Get a melee kill while crouched WHITE STICK -- Blind yourself 10 times THE INCREDIBLE BULK -- Rip off a mounted weapon FOOT FETISH -- Snipe someone in the foot YOU’VE BEEN FRAMED -- Be the victim in the final kill replay at the end of a game VIEW TO A KILL -- Stand at the highest point of Skyline STOCKBROKER RETIREMENT PARTY -- Fall out of a window in Impact WET AND WILD -- Go swimming in Pier 17 NEVER FLAGGING -- Get the winning score in Capture The Relay with less than 10 seconds remaining THERE IS NO SPOON -- Download the final bit of intel with less than 5 seconds remaining FORT KNOX -- Personally kill all the attackers in Assault NIGHT OWL -- Play after 2am DRUNK AND DISORDERLY -- Play after 11:30pm and finish in the bottom third 3 times in a row [FYI - I got this at 10 PM Central. So not based on your local time] VOYEUR -- While cloaked see an enemy be killed within 8m AFTERNOON TEA -- Teabag 10 victims [FYI - Doesn't have to be in 1 match] GRADUATION DAY -- Graduate from New Recruits [Get to level 11] SCARRED FOR LIFE -- Complete all assessments for the SCAR PURRRRRFECT -- Complete all assessments for the Feline MARSHALL LAW -- Complete all assessments for the Marshall DAY OF THE JACKAL -- Complete all assessments for the Jackal BEETLE JUICE -- Complete all assessments for the SCARAB MONSTER HUNTER -- Complete all assessments for the Grendel SUPER SHARP SHOOTER -- Complete all assessments for the DSG 1 MAXIMUM ACCELERATION -- Complete all assessments for the M20 I4 Guass H.S.M. -- Complete all assessments for the Mk. 60 Mod 0 WHIZZBANGER -- Complete all assessments for the L-Tag HMMM DING! -- Complete all assessments for the X-43 Mine SHOCKING -- Complete all assessments for the K-Volt SUPER NOVA -- Complete all assessments for the Nova RAPID RESPONSE -- Complete all assessments for the AY69 HAMMER DOWN -- Complete all assessments for the Hammer FEELING LUCKY -- Complete all assessments for the Majestic WALKING TANK -- Complete all assessments for the HMG FRAGGER -- Complete all assessments for the Frag Grenades STICKY DEATH -- Complete all assessments for the C4 ROCKET MAN -- Complete all assessments for the JAW THICK SKINNED -- Complete assessment set “Armor Modules” ON THE DOWN-LOW -- Complete assessment set “Stealth Modules” RUN AND GUN -- Complete assessment set “Power Modules” TEAM PLAYER -- Complete assessment set “Support Bonus” CLIP ON, CLIP OFF -- Complete assessment set “Attachments” ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE -- Complete assessment set “Alternate Kills” WHY THE LONG FACE? -- Complete assessment set “Challenge” DEADEYE -- Complete assessment set “Marksman” THE BIG BOSS -- Complete assessment set “Domination” MAD SKILLS -- Complete assessment set “Skill Kills” UP FOR MORE -- Complete assessment set “Nanosuit Reboot” FULL PASSPORT -- Complete assessment set “Traveler” WARMING UP -- Kill 1,000 players online ARMS OF STEEL -- Rip off 100 mounted guns MARATHON MAN -- Carry the Relay for 10 minutes LONE WOLF -- Kill 100 enemies without assistance from your team CROUCHING WARRIOR -- Spend a total of an hour crouched in-game ARMOR PLATING -- Activate Armor Mode 1000 times CLOAK ADDICT -- Activate Stealth Mode 1000 times IT’S ALL OVER…. -- Reach 100% Operative Status complete
  13. War for Cybertron went permanently to 5X xp after a while (like a year or something), be nice if this went permanently to 2X xp.
  14. I didn't play until 8 months after my first match to try and get dedication, but I got it after my first match. I'd just suggest if it doesn't work just try again in a week or so. Not really anything else you can do.
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