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  1. After playing the Saboteur, for some time I would see tall radio towers or cell towers and picture them blowing up and crashing down. When I see storage crates, I think of fultoning them out like Metal Gear Phantom pain, lol
  2. Sorry to necro an old thread, and IDK if anyone will see this....but I bought this game on disc tonight. The game cover says that it requires a content download, and that's also printed on the game disc. When I put it in however, 43.8GB Installed directly from this disc. no downloads, not even a patch. I was connected to the internet, and was able to start up just fine. Possible more recent pressings of the game contain the whole thing on disc?
  3. Naval Assault: Killing Tide- 6 left
  4. SpongeBob Truth or Square- 7 left (2 incoming)
  5. Bandfuse Dreamworks Super Star Kartz Down to 8, with 3 of those incoming.
  6. Ice age: Dawn of Dinosaurs PES 2016 (360)
  7. Yes, but it' has a whole new ach list worth 4K Gamerscore. My mom called and told me she found a nice copy of Bandfuse at a thrift shop. One more down. 2nd dirt cheap score from this place
  8. Import Tuner Challenge Down to a dozen (Three of those are incoming)
  9. Went across town to 2 Gamestops I'd never been yo before. Found 4 360 games I needed, but passed on 2 because they had generic covers. I did pick up: X360 Bass Pro: The Hunt Cabela's Hunting Expedition Down to the last baker's dozen. Also picked up: PS3 Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs Wii-U Disney Planes Fire and Rescue
  10. Sorry to derail this Assassins Creed thread, but I picked up Family Feud 2012 (360) today, one more down.
  11. Visited family out of state, so had new places to rummage through X360 Cars Mater National Fist of the North Star- Ken's Rage Madagascar Kartz WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 Down to 16 games to complete my 360 unique game collection PS3 games Tales of Graces F, Blades of time, Disney Universe, Rayman Origins, Rugby Challenge 2, Wanted, Wet, AC3 Washington Edition (Chinese), F1 Championship Edition, Incredible Hulk, Sakigake Xbox (OG) Cold War, Crimson Skies, Mace Griffin, Minority Report, Mission Impossible, Paraih, PJ's King Kong, PGR, Soul Calibur 2, WW2 Combat Iwo Jima All OG's were $2
  12. GHTV server is shutting down Dec 1st Crazy that the 1st post in a forum is regarding the server shutdown. Guess the game wasn't too popular on the 360. https://www.guitarhero.com/game/ghtv
  13. GHTV Server is shutting down in a few months. https://www.guitarhero.com/game/ghtv
  14. Hopefully you returned it, I would have. They have done that to me before as well, now when I get to the register, I tell them I want to make sure I get the original artwork. They're always are good about it when I do that.
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