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  1. the problem with that is shortly before the game was released they lost the rights to have them in the game, which is why it was glitched when it came to owning all the cars when it first came out...
  2. IISYNII Raid3n and I would like a code and any of the figures would be awesome Thanks for always running these great contests!
  3. ill probably feel really stupid after asking this but what 4th icon in a row are you talking about? I tried going through but dunno what im doing
  4. just do the penetentuary level and you should be good. because of the riot there is a lower risk of being detected
  5. its just 20 more skins which for the most part are unique and are not taken from the psp version....from what i understand the artist pack has music videos, but im assuming that theyre gonna finish up expanding the game before that happens, like the mission/puzzle pack.
  6. its just you. when i first bought lumines for the psp when they both were released it took me 10-15 mins before i would go onto the next skin, which is 3-4 levels each. now i can get to level 100 in about maybe 30 to 45 mins and i got all the skins to the 360 version in about 20 mins. when you get better at it you go through faster.
  7. gotta admit that the advance is...well....a bit lame. its just more skins which admittedly is needed, since theres only 12 on the base but thats about it. i want more packs to come out so i can play more mission and puzzle levels
  8. i can confirm that the mw cover is real i was at best buy purchasing a new router and i saw that...at first i didnt believe it was real. it is and its pretty crappy.
  9. gj that is impressive, considering it took me 9 months lol (i rented it in december and returned it and then borrow it from a friend to finish it off)
  10. it isnt the handrail, in chap....3 i believe your on the back of the speeding train chasing skx and you pull that off and use it
  11. i got it the next night and now im not as pissed by far. i had to replay up to level 4 anyways so i could get the chief investigator, which i got before the metals lol. i got all the metals as i went so i could make sure i didnt miss any if i did. i got it eventually and after like 6 or 7 times through the game lol. With any other game i would have stopped at 2 lol. its definately a great game and is well worth playing multiple times
  12. edit isnt working.....and yes i have used the metal, bird, and tv guide
  13. see thats where im pissed off ive gone through half a dozen times and STILL cant find the metals i didnt get the last times through and the clues for the investigator one
  14. yea it is a challenging thing to get going, i havent gotten a single one yet...this also reminds me of the chop shop list, only the cars everywhere
  15. i highly doubt it....afterall it is just a shirt...how would it hurt anything?
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