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  1. I really enjoyed this series, probably one of the best from TT so far.
  2. I think a month of double awesomeness points would be awesome...unfortunately this game has been out for quite awhile with no such events. The grind is hateful, but after coming this far just keep going!
  3. There are 3,000ish tracked gamers on TA for the game, which isn't a whole lot. Which is a shame because this is a pretty fun music game and the music you create in the realms are a nice touch.
  4. The multiplayer is still going, I was easily able to find Civil War games last night and today. The players seem to stay online for awhile too, it was probably about 3 hours with basically the same group. Pretty fun multiplayer.
  5. Very random, mine says it unlocked of 12/16. Didn't receive any notifications and haven't even booted up the game in awhile.
  6. Agree with the other posts that Star Wars would be awesome to see. I'd like to see more new worlds, by the time I played 358/6 I was really burnt out on Agrabah. So I'd like to see them do away with that world as well as Atlantica..
  7. Think most of these achievement problems are xbox problems, I haven't had this happen with this game but has happened with a couple of others.
  8. Same here. I wish they would have patched it to make it so we could play it without the servers or something. Ridiculous...
  9. It has done the same to mine twice so far. And if I wait patiently and the screen goes back to normal, suddenly my controller doesn't function with the xbox. I can hold down the xbox button and bring up the console/controller off menu but can't select anything. Really frustrating and only happens with this game.
  10. It can be frustrating at times. To me the worst thing about the game is all of the collectibles...and the American McGee's Alice but I understand that's an older game. But it is a really enjoyable game.
  11. Yep, both of these things happen to me as well. Hopefully they improve on it over time, the jumping jacks in Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit are particularly annoying...and any floor work is always hit or miss. I sent a tweet to Xbox Fitness about it recently but they just told me to stay tuned haha.
  12. Awesome guide! Thanks for putting this all together.
  13. Fable 2, working on Fable 3 now.
  14. Really enjoyed the episode and the whole Wolf Among Us story...I didn't send Colin or Toad to the farm and chose to have a smoke at the end. I do wish I had killed one of the Tweedles, but maybe they'll remember I spared a life in the conclusion.
  15. You have to click it with the mouse when it pops up on the screen, not sure if there is a button that hits it quicker but that's how I used them.
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