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  1. I understand why they use the online passes, but it's just really crap. Especially in Australia where new games are around $100-$120 ($120-$150 for collectors editions), I save money by buying off ebay or getting games from $20-$40 used at EB, and they don't always include the pass (I didn't know Mass Effect 2 needed one before I bought a copy off ebay that already used it ). I don't buy imported games from the UK though as I like to have Australian copies.
  2. been going nuts with Mass Effect leading into the final entry. and Madden is my casual game.
  3. My gamercard doesn't show up when i use lower case like the sticky says, but if id put it the way its spelled it shows an old card
  4. Homicide by far. It's story was the deepest and the last level was actually made me feel like I was actually being a detective. Plus it was original on how Team Bondi [spoiler=Spoiler]made it so that you can catch the guy who did the Black Dahlia Murder and that you were arresting the wrong guys everytime My ranking of the desks: 1. Homicide 2. Vice 3. Arson 4. Traffic --------------- 5. Patrol (its a tutorial so i dont count it)
  5. no that is also counted as simulating. The CPUs are shit anyway
  6. it fixed the online problems like people quitting with no reprocutions, Legend difficulty was increased, AI is smarter and marking system is changed
  7. you can save about 10-15$ buying the pass instead of buying everything indiviudal
  8. probably your copy. never ever has happened to me
  9. you can actually get an extra 20 stars (21 if you 100%) per song using the powers you get from the quest. on the quickplay plus menu, pick a song and go into the star challenges and then press start on the top button. you can then pick two of the powers that you have unlocked so far and play the song with those. Star power generator and star power nova are the best ones to use to get 20 stars
  10. i actually enjoyed replaying the cases with a walkthrough to see what i did wrong and what actually happened if i got it right in the first place
  11. Super Meat Boy Game Rating - **** Ease of Achievements - ** Replay Value - **** Cost - 1200MS
  12. Yeh that would be good Metallica (they still have some heavy songs that werent in GH:M), Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Kreator, Testament, Meshuggah, Chimaira, In Flames, SOAD (first album only), Mudvayne, Lamb of God, Venom, Machine Head, Mastodon, Arch Enemy Out of all of those Meshuggah would be awesome to play just because of the odd timing (Future Breed Machine would be fun), and i thought mudvayne because the bass part of the game needs some respect as well
  13. good work. i went through a whole season and was wondering how i didn't get the achievement. they shouldn't have made it so it's an unedited team
  14. real time would be 20 min quarters. they probably could of worded it better
  15. you can check how many goals youve kicked by pressing on the main menu
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