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    I could 100% a LOT of games if I had online 24/7. Screw Online Achievements!
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  1. That's why I usually install games to my HDD.
  2. Nice Dead Space 2 guide. :D

  3. I have had this game for almost 2 months now without ever playing it. Seeing all the good things about it, I might just play it for once.
  4. That would be great if they could make a sequel to Read Dead Redemption.
  5. I'm ready to play this demo and the Crysis 2 demo that comes out tomorrow as well.
  6. Damn, 60 levels? I wonder how long that will take.
  7. Well, you still look good!

  8. Nope.. I'm over the hill now. :(

  9. Well, cool for you but not for anyone else that cares about it.
  10. Lol well, that's not always a good thing now is it.

  11. You stole my birthday!! I am older. :p

  12. That's cute. We have the same Birthday. lol

  13. Hey, welcome to the site. I would love to get to 10,000 too, but, I don't think that will come ANYTIME soon.
  14. Do you have NFS: Hot Pursuit? I would get that before this but Most Wanted is a great game if you liked the other Need for speeds. Easy achievements and it's a lot of fun.
  15. Violent

    Xbox Live

    Works perfectly for me. Go on Xbox.com and see if it says "Xbox Live is up and running". Maybe your internet?
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