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  1. I guess this is Dark Souls version of the Xbox's Red ring of death? I can't make it past the calibration retrieval so no online for me anymore. Tried everything, network refresh, unplugging my router, re installing the game, deleting data, nothing works man. I know for a fact it's not my connection, my Ps4 version works perfectly, I already called Xbox about this, they were of course no help at all. Namco Bandai as well are useless here, so did I just throw $20 down the drain? Does anyone know how to fix this crap?
  2. I've given up on it to, I'll go for the 20 wins with each character eventually but as of now nobody plays this game except for people who just spend their life on it, I can't find an even match anywhere. Even people my own rank just completely destroy me and I am a pretty decent player at this game...
  3. I think they fixed it, I just played one match and instinct cancelled twice and after I finished I hit rematch in vs and it popped once the 2nd match started. Give it a try now.
  4. You can play the first 18 dojo lessons over again, and black belt will pop. I was stuck at 32, no way I ever think I can do 32, so I just went back and did lesson 1 again and bam, achievement unlocked.
  5. Don't let glitched achievements stop you from enjoying a fantastic title, odds are a fix will be doled out very soon and you can obtain it if you've already missed it.
  6. My kinect is plugged in and I've idled before while out of my room. I have my play and charge kit plugged in and idled for an entire night while I slept over at my girlfriends house, came back the next morning and it was still going. If you leave your P&C kit plugged into your controller it shouldn't shut off and you should be good to go for idling the practice minutes.
  7. I made it all the way to Rank 7 (Hungry) but considering how terrible the rank system is and how bad you are punished for losing just 1 match, I'm now back down to Apprentice... How they expect anyone to reach lvl 20 or higher with this ranking system is beyond me, I hope they change it up in the near updates, I'd actually like to increase my rank for the icon unlocks even though they don't relate with achievements.
  8. Sounds good, we'd all need to be in a party though, communication is key, we can't just assume someone has gotten their wins and beat them just to ruin their streak.
  9. It's not so bad, dojo 32 teaches you a pretty strong combo with Jago if you finish with an ender it will do around 40-45% damage to their health, can even get it to 61% if you end it properly. Just avoid ranked or multiplayer all together until you learn how to perform combo breakers on command, some people start a combo on you and they don't finish till your health bar is gone and without combo breakers you will lose within seconds.
  10. Well I have all the stylish achievements now, I've noticed if you quickly scroll down to the skin you want before the character appears and buy it, if you stay on that skin until the character appears the achievement pops 95% of the time, I'm still missing Glacius but that's only because the only skins I have left for him are the 150 fight titles and 50 ranked wins. The 50 ranked wins is still locked for Jago when I have over 100 victories with him, the games achievements work most of the time, but the unlocks for the skins are so glitchy it's ridiculous.
  11. Ok so now not only have I unlocked Jagos 150 fight title achievement at 127, and am STILL unable to purchase his gold costume and I have 94 wins in ranked with him, but now 2 achievements refuse to unlock for me. Purchased 2 costumes for Glacius and 1 for Thunder, didn't get stylish Thunder or Glacius. I purchase a costume for Orchid and that 1 unlocked... Whyyy is this game so glitchyyyy, it's irritating cause I really like it a lot but I can't enjoy it properly... :x Update: Sadiras won't unlock either.
  12. From what I can see you need the combo breaker pack at least. A lot of people have been reporting achievements not unlocking when they have about 3 or 4 characters.
  13. If however you and your friend do manage to find each other, if you both press next challenger at the same time or one after the other, I'm sure you're bound to get matched up multiple times. I've fought the same person in a row 7 times before.
  14. Actually having this problem as we speak, glad it's not just me...
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