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  1. If you bought the Game Preview you get the full version for free! You have bought it already!
  2. Ah! Thanks, I never look down the bottom!
  3. Is there any way of somehow highighting new additions for a month after they are added so they are easier to spot?
  4. If anyone is having trouble with this, once you have done all the challenges just go back to the Project Spark main menu and wait. It can take 10 minutes to pop.
  5. Yes, but I can try it again.
  6. I am trying to tick thing off the Checklist on the site and they are not working properly for this DLC. When you tick "Henny Penny" or "Why the Chicken Crossed the Vale" they will not disappear if you are hiding completed achievements. I then tried ticking "Henny Penny" again, and it disappeared but "Fond Farewell" reappeared! When I ticked "Fond Farewell" it disappeared but "Vasilisa's Lanterns" reappeared.
  7. the controls for this gam are hideous!! I am stuck on level 9 at the top of the slope above the switch for the gate where the foot is. I just cant jump up to where the extra time token is. Has anyone got any tips?
  8. NOPE ACHIEVEMENT In the Expeditions menu select Endurance and Siberian Wilderness. Before you start a game you must select the "Nope" challenge in the game menu. If you don't you will not get the achievement. Start the game and you will begin by a broken down Snowcat vehicle. Go round the back and climb up on the Snowcat to open the chest. This will give you what you need to light a signal fire. With your back to the Snowcat, head in a North-West direction. Do not stop for anything, particularly crypts as you do not want to recover any artifacts. Keep moving in the same direction and looking around. There are two or three signal fires around this area that you can find. Some are near base camps with enemies. If you come across enemies you can take them out prior to lighting the fire so you have less who may attack you once it is lit. Go up to the signal fire and light it by holding X. If there are enemies near by they will come to engage you in a fight, so be ready to take them out. Soon the helicopter will arrive and you need to approach the rope that has been dropped and press X to be rescued. By going straight to the fire without doing anything else and not investigating crypts you should get this achievement as you can do this within Day 1 of the game.
  9. Found I didn't actually need any glitch in the end, although there is definitely some kind of glitch going on for some people on the leaderboard. You have to do it with a One Life to Live card and my max multiplier got to 36. The main thing is don't die. If you use a card bonus of 475% you only need to score 6000 by the time you finish. Took me about 6 or 7 goes, only because I died!
  10. Have you definitely go the bullseye on all four. You can hit them but if you don't hit the bullseye the target wont disappear.
  11. Does anyone know the glitchy method for getting gold on the Lost City level in Score Attack?
  12. Thanks. Got "Car go 'Splode Just in Time" on one of the first levels on my first playthrough. Got "Champion Streaker" on first go at level 5-2 just use Turbo in between groups of the flying enemies so you don't lose your multiplier. "Why so hostile?" is easy. Just shoot 200 friendly cars. I am pretty sure this is cumulative. "Rubbin,' Son, is Racin'" is pretty easy if you replay earlier level's. Just don't use your gun at all. Obviously easier if you have upgraded Melee. Still struggling with "Big Oil Never Had a Chance". It's annoying you have to replay the whole level to retry but at least it doesn't take too long. I think the 5 hour completion is a bit optimistic. If you have played it through first so know how to beat each level I think that might be achievable, but I got stuck on level 4-2 for ages and had to go back and replay earlier levels so I could upgrade my health. I also got stuck on one or two other levels. I have spent 8 hours so far and have the last couple of levels left as well as the "big oil" achievement so i'm looking at possibly 10 hours.
  13. This is a bit fiddly. Basically as Kyuss says, go into the inventory, select the tape recorder, go up to Doc and press A. It should start recording what he is saying. If it doesn't do that you may have to restart the level...
  14. I'm up to episode 4 with no loss of games saves as yet.
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