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  1. If anyone is looking for people to boost with i just started this game and can help. I have a mic and a gold account but until i finish the solo game i'd rather not lead any sessions. I'm online often so just msg whenever. GT: Jmech4889
  2. I will join anyone who is looking for people to boost with. I just started the campaign mode so i need all 10 online achievements. When i finish solo i will probably start organizing my own groups but for now i will help anyone else who wants to take control. GT: Jmech4889
  3. I just handed them off to Shootydogthing, and then NonExistent God went to go get the weapons he needed from her. It's now in their hands.
  4. In order to make this achievement easily attainable, I'd like to make a sponsored collection of all 50 legendary weapons needed for the achievement that can be passed from player to player, and then be tracked here at the Fable 3 forum. How this should work: When someone wants to receive all the weapons they need, they can come to this thread and find the last person to have received the collection, then message them through xbl asking that they pass it along to them. Then that person will yet again pass it along when it's been requested of them. Like a hot-potato of achievements. A few basic rules: Obviously people are going to need to be honest and not keep everything for themselves, but even more important is people need to NOT BE LAZY. If you have the collection it falls on you to respond to people who ask. If you do not want the responsibilty of having to be the keeper, please just say so and give back the weapons when the achievement unlocks. If you do not normally have a Gold account maybe it would be best that you not hang onto the collection either. Some tips: Giving away all 50 weapons takes time and is a bit of a pain, so before you ask to have them it would be a huge help if you attempted to get all the legendaries available in your game first. That way instead of gifting 40 weapons a person will only have to gift 20 or so. Please try to keep track of what you need and already have. Use Nozza's Legendary Weapons List so that you're in-the-know about what weapons are being traded. Important: When you've recieved all the weapons and have the achievement, please come back here and declare that you're the current contact for them. Both the giver and the receiver can do this just to be safe. Other useful things to remember are that you need a Gold account to interact with other players in Fable 3, you should use your headset if you have one, and to make sure you save before you leave someones game. All it will take is a little cooperation from people and this thread can potentially help people for a long time. If it seems like a lot of work just remember that this method is way easier than having one person keep all the weapons and taking requests from strangers all the time. Also remember that none of this would be possible without xbox360achievements.org, so many many thanks to the website and to all those who keep it running.
  5. Big thanks to Xeren255 for giving away pretty much all of his stuff. I now have all 50 and will be making a new thread to keep this collection within our community. Please use that thread to see who currently has all these weapons. (Or at least until moderator says otherwise)
  6. I will be boosting the Sacrafizzle achievement once i have at least five people signed on. Tried it last night with two people and an extra controller, was a disaster. Please message me through XBL and i will organize the group. GT: Jmech4889 P.S. Please please please show up if we set a time to boost, or at least let me know you wont make it. Sheesh ppl...
  7. Changed my mind yet again, i've finished all mp achievements and dont need to boost. All of the achievements in the mp portion of AC3 can be finished without ever entering a competitive match, meaning if you're a person who stresses out over pvp you wont have to throw yourself into multiplayer. Just read the achievement guide and stick to open wolfpack games and you'll get these achievements in about a day.
  8. Sorry, already found someone to trade with. No more mods.
  9. Sorry, already found someone to trade with. No more mods.
  10. Sorry, already found someone to trade with. No more mods.
  11. I need a quick hand with Friendship Rules, if anyone would like to friend me and exchange this achievement my gt is Jmech4889. Nevermind, had to get this achievement from a random. Thanks... I guess.
  12. This is for anyone who plans to get the Unwavering achievement through the single player campaign. If for some reason you missed a mission while playing through the game on insanity and did not get the Unwavering achievement along with Insanity, you DO NOT need to play the entire game again on insanity difficulty. Instead, you can track how many missions out of the 27 you have completed through 'extras' menu in the main menu, then try to determine which missions youve accidently missed, then play the game again on insanity only up to that point. So if you had missed a mission on the first act and then continued to the end of the game, all you would have to do is start a new game and play until youve beaten the specific one you missed. At that point the achievement will unlock as soon as the mission is completed. I don't know if you have to play the game on insanity before you start that specific mission or if you can switch the difficulty before starting it, but it's always best to play it safe with these kinds of achievements and start your new game with the insanity setting already set.
  13. I'm finished with all multiplayer achievements except for SKX. If anyone would like help getting themselves to 1000 kills pst me through xbl and we'll try and get you to 1000 so that I can get SKX off of you and you can use my help for other achievements. Also, if there is anyone out there who already has the 1000 kills for the SKX achievement and wouldnt mind helping me out i'd appreciate it if you let me get that off you.
  14. Was hoping i can find a few people who can help boost online achievements for this game. This will prob take some time, you contact me at Jmech4889 even if it's been a while. Also if you're reading this and you have the SKX achievement, i would really appreciate you helping me get that as well. Cheers.
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