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  1. Best way I found games on windows was on TA. Full Xbox Games List (trueachievements.com) And use the more filter options to show windows & Free to play.
  2. This does not work, as all the games are linked to the account they are purchased from. When switching accounts on Windows Phone, a reset is required, removing all apps, games and all the data. So you are unable to share game.
  3. Lines down to £1.19. Not showing under RSD at the moment though. EDIT: Showing in RSD now
  4. If you are on about Fallout 3, it is the same list. GOTY just has all the DLC included I believe.
  5. Monster Island down to 79p/$.99/€.99
  6. You do not need 'a plan' for a windows phone, or even a sim card in the phone to use it. If you are using it for just gaming, any current windows phone should work fine. Only a few games require 1GB of RAM currently. So you wont be missing out on many of the games that are already available. Some people say that a phone with a bigger screen is better for gaming, but that's up to you. Just a quick search on Amazon will show you a few phones available in your price range. Just check the specs of the phones and hope they meet your gaming requirements.
  7. You cannot share games with another account on the same windows phone. You will have to buy the game for each account you wish to play on. To sign out of an account on your windows phone, you have to factory reset it, then you are able to sign in with another account when setting it up again.
  8. Rayman Fiesta Run seems to be the RSD this week. Also Pac-man championship edition dx+ or whatever its called is half price. (If you can find it on the store) I have already bought it and completed it before, but it is asking me to buy it again, not install like other games. Says it was last updated 21/07/15 aswell
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