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    NO GOLD ATM. I'm visually impaired (slow aiming required), female, lesbian, butch.
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  1. If anyone wants to help my GT is darkmikasonfire I'm looking for help with every co-op achievement in the main game, from 4P campaign, hard mode, and horde stuff. This all includes the misc achievements for co-op.
  2. Done same results. I'm on PC firefox. I've been using this for years but I can try IE real fast. Well that didn't work, even went through deleting it and re-adding it and the problem persists. Yes, it's just not hiding that achievement for some reason, no matter what I do. Kinda I mean starting a new thread is slightly different from posting a reply but I just copy pasted what I wrote. I cliked Post Reply I clicked the one on the bottom left not top left, I always forget it exists at the top of the page. Well first I tried to type the section of my starting post here from, 'In Ghost... ...the list.' I made some changes to the paragraph after I pasted it in here but that effectively is what I wrote when it didn't work I changed it to just the word issue to see if that would post, both gave me the statement it was over 200K characters long and I needed to make it under 1 or 10K or something. First time I tried to reply I added the picture in and added a link to the XA page for ghost recon, when it said I had too many characters I removed the picture (which always seems to put me over no matter what dimensions I give it), but that didn't work so I removed the link to see if maybe that was doing it and it still didn't work. then I changed it to just say 'issue' and every time, it said I had over 200K characters. So I went about making my own thread in hopes that maybe there was just something wrong with the reply in that thread. An easy quick way to see if you can see my ghost recon issue is if you go to the page, which is https://www.xboxachievements.com/game/ghost-recon-wildlands/achievements/ then I suggest going to the achievement guide simply so it's a bit faster, click the check all, then manually uncheck everything from the Narco Road DLC, then save it. Hopefully that will show the last one still being there. Narco Road has 7 achievements and 300 GS, so you should excluding that have 50 achievements and 1200 GS listed. If my issue is replicated it will tell you that you have 50 achievements, 1200 GS in the game, but it won't hide that last fallen ghosts DLC achievement.
  3. When I try to reply to "Errors/Issues With an Achievement List/Guide/Road Map?" Just typing the word 'issue' into the reply it comes back saying there's over 200,000 characters in my message. I'm just hitting post reply so I'm not quoting anyone or anything. Also as for my issue that I went in there to report in the first bloody place. In Ghost Recon Wildlands for the X1. the Fallen Ghosts DLC achievement: Once a hero, twice a hero. I clicked it and it added to the GS and to the achievement's obtained however when I refreshed the page. it wasn't hidden, I clicked to unhide and rehide achievements and it still showed. It has a checkmark in the box still. I've even gone to my checklist and clicked the X to delete ghost recon wildlands from my list, I re-activated it and rechecked everything from the main game and DLC and that achievement still stayed when I refreshed, still has the check in the box and it's still counting as obtained but it won't hide the achievement on the list. Also when I try to add a Jpeg on here that's 478x320ish it says there's over 200K characters too... so I can't even show a dang picture of the issue.
  4. thank you for this, I've been waiting for this to finish this bloody game since before it was even released. You should split this up and create a text/vid mixed walkthrough and post it as the guide for this game. I mean you know how to do everything already might as well get a guide under your belt and I don't think anyone else has started on it.
  5. you can get in them, it's just the game is a glitchy sack of shit.
  6. It's a 10 for one achievement, from the above 2 comments you already know it. Hardest difficulty, no saves/checkpoints (so you have to beat it in 1 sitting), 1 life (no saves so of course), so 90% of the time, you're a 1 hit kill. Oh yeah, and enemies are bullet sponges, cause fuck it, why not.
  7. This one is going to vary wildly. My first playthrough getting all the collectables and everything, took me just shy of 69 hours (2 days just shy of 21 hours), and that was on the easiest difficulty, for the hardest achievement in this game, you have to beat it: on the hardest difficulty, in 1 life, with no saves or checkpoints. Basically you're 1 hit kill 90% of the time, you have to beat the ENTIRE GAME this way. I'm gonna vote 100+ hours, hell for that one alone you'll be looking at that probably.
  8. you can't visit every area over again, but you can visit most of them, you can't get back to the very first level, where you're in the wheelchair which sucks cause the one item I missed was the very first possible collectable readable... just fuck, anyways and you can't get back onto the ship, you visit it 2 times, those 2 times are it, the end. Beyond that, you can visit I believe everywhere else after you've unlocked them in the enigma machine.
  9. UPDATES at bottom. Messiah - Save all of the robots!: In level 20 there are suppose to be 4 robots, there's only 2 & neither of them are even counted towards the counter it, all the rest of them exist & are collectable. Maniac - Collect 100% of all batteries: Level 6 is missing 3 batteries leaving it at 23/26. Level 15, is missing 2 batteries leaving it at 34/36. Level 20 is missing 1 battery leaving it at 23/24. HOWEVER, Level 17 has 1 extra battery leaving you 89/88. Thank You - Please see our credits haha...: It... doesn't... pop... fucking... seriously.... goddamnit. beating the game gives you a 49 GS achievement, this one gives you the last 1 GS to make it normal... just damnit. UPDATE 17-10-10: Contacted the Devs and got a reply, they worked on and finished making a patch for the game and put it through to MS for certification. Not sure when that certification will go through to actually get the patch, but the game should soon be at least partially if not completely fixed. The issue is an old verion was tested on Xbox, BUT they never tested the upgraded versions on it for reasons of the I don't know variety. This caused the issues. Hopefully after this update it'll get better, some of the cutscenes and game play areas weren't good, but the broken achievements killed it, so hopefully that'll be taken care of.
  10. this was an awesome read, thanks. wasn't sure how we were suppose to understand any of the shit she said. would be nice to have a NG+ that actually translated everything the bots said at all times.
  11. I wish I had the time darkmika. The first season took me so long, and that was when I was jobless.

  12. I know this is going to sound stupid, but I was wondering if you would create a guide for the second season of walking dead. I prefer how you did the first game over how the person who created it for the second did theirs. You provided all the options and what they would do and all that, it was really something to behold, we were able to find the best route through to get the best options and endings and I really liked that.

  13. GT: darkmikasonfire Game: Surge (physical disc if possible) Prey was pretty good, for anyone who doesn't have it yet.
  14. this crap should be in the general forum area, none of this has any standing on any specific game, you just want to complain, do it elsewhere.
  15. I have 42 humans killed and it wont' give me the achievement :-/ damnit. ---Update--- Since the current update 1.2 or 1.0.2 whatever it is, there seems to be a bit of an issue with this achievement. I had this, Split Affinity, and Awkward Ride Home left, just the 3. I tried for this one by saving right before I killed Dahl with only him being alive. it wouldn't pop I reloaded a few times trying to get the stupid thing to pop, finally I gave up thinking maybe next patch they'll of fixed it, lets see if I can get the other two achievements. Played through leaving Dahl alive and got Awkward Ride Home and Split Affinity, I decided to try my previous save again thinking maybe I had Danielle Sho's tracking bracelet and maybe that was fucking it up as she was the only other one listed as alive even though she's unkillable and never counted before. So I killed Dahl and poof suddenly this time it pops, I tried to get it to pop 7 or 8 times before continuing the game to completion with him alive, completing it took all of maybe 5 minutes. So yeah this achievement now seems to be a bit finicky if it doesn't pop for you simply keep the save get all the rest of the achievements then try this one again later it might pop if it's simply the last achievement. I've never heard of an issue like that before but there we go that was my experience.
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