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  1. Searching partners for online! for group hug! my gamertag falconoidner
  2. hm... i will think abou this... can you do transfer to my master card? Because in Russia we can use paypal only for pay. And wrote where are you, because i need repirire price of delivery
  3. i can buy it for everyone. I live in Russia. Jewell wersion - 100 rubles (3,5$), Collector's edition - 300 rubles (10,5$). If you want this - wrote there!
  4. Can you still get Bioshock 2 Rus PC?

  5. i from russia, and i can help anyone who want to buy this!
  6. I have a question. Is map must be complete to obtain gold?
  7. If you want to play online write to me. my gamertag menialcat26
  8. it's can be unlock in multiplayer! there is two ways to do this: 1) Local co-op. But in this mode both players musen't take a damage 2) Online co-op. In this mode player that helps you CAN take a damage
  9. do anoyone now, can i obtain acheivement A Friend Indeedif i play on online mode, but without a partner?
  10. please help me with online avhievement well traveled. my gamertag menialcat26. and i can help everyone
  11. there are 6 achievements with total 250gs: Arena Pack 1) Byzantine ways 20 Complete the arena 2) Crowd favourite 40 Complete all bonus objectives on arena 3) Dance of Blades 10 Kill 15 enemies on arena using Cyclone strike 4) Gladiator 30 Complete first round in the arena without taking damage 5) Elite gladiator 50 Complet second round in the arena without taking damage 6) Master gladiator 100 Complet second round in the arena without taking damage
  12. i can help anyone! i was unlock all people request online achievements! my gamertag menialcat26
  13. Hello! please help me to unlock online achievements (all without quest mode). I can help too! my gamertag menialcat26!
  14. please! help me! i'm a cybernatic champion lvl 50! i have only sword! my gamertag menialcat26
  15. please, help me to unlock all online achievements in this game! my gamertag menialcat26.
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