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  1. only interested in 10 pips in tier 3 mutator achievement. I can get the whale mutator but would love for someone in the group to have the rainbows. send me a message on xbox please
  2. I just hit 77 and super tired of grinding so i went to a bunch of dragon lairs and revered mainly no legendary guess i need the last 9 two handed levels and need to train restoration and destruction (no way i'm training lvl 90 alchemy I bought from trainers and those are my only 4 skills left) EDIT: after getting 100 two handed buying 5 restoration levels and training destruction to 52 I reached level 78 traveled to dragontooth crater and fought a legendary and ancient dragon at once after a grueling battle I got 100% in skyrim again yay
  3. just picked up this game used, pretty fun but really annoyed at people leaving when were trying the expert campaign, yes we may fail a few times on a mission doesn't mean you quit >.> just message me and say you want to do left 4 dead. i'm not on much but i'm off sunday and monday this week
  4. the nice thing i can think of for planechase is that if you're losing slightly sometimes you can get lucky and a new plane could save you by like destroying all monsters on field or something of the sort. ive only done it against the computers not other players my guess is the players wouldn't roll the dice near as much unless it was really their only option and they were behind some already since it can hurt just as much as it can help
  5. COD campaigns are usually pretty decent, at least fun enough to play through once on veteran. but my fav part of mw2 was the spec ops mission mode. mw3 missions are super easy compared to them (only got 2 left in the last set I haven't had the time to try once yet) so the survival mode was pretty nice little feature. definitely though I wouldn't buy mw3 for survival mode (I only borrowed it lol) but my roommate and I will probably split the cost for bo2 just because of zombies.
  6. I thought it was easier than mw2 and on par with mw1 difficulty since both 1 and 3 seemed really easy to me (but that could just be the fact mw2 was first veteran campaign I played, then bo, mw1, waw, mw3 so really playing anyone after waw is going to seem incredibly easy) but the only part of the story I thought was cool was when we got juggernaut suits. overall it wasn't a terrible campaign, but nothing above average either imo
  7. Great guide almost to 1000G now just need 3 more side quests, 5 more unique dragon shouts, and 8 more dungeons to clear btw my save file is 61 hours on it so far so you can definitely finish well under 100, unless you know it takes me 39 hours to finish up those last 3 achievements lol and as well for the delver achievement anyone thinking of playing as a thief character be warned this achievement won't come naturally while trying to 100% the rest of the game. I had only civil war and daedric artifacts as main questline stuff left and was on 19 dungeons cleared. I snuck 24/7 in areas though but since then I've been running 24/7 and acting like a warrior and I now am at 42 dungeons cleared. So just be warned you will have to put in extra effort for the delver achievement if playing as a thief
  8. alright because I think I usually miss an enemy or two in most dungeons since I'm a thief and usually enemies don't see me I find them and take them out with a sneak bowshot. I guess if I do finish everything first it shouldn't be very many dungeons to clear until 100% Skyrim and I'll be glad to get that out of the way. Its fun but the 35 hours I'm into it is about 15 hours past where I started to stop having fun and became a grind for the achievements lol and still quite a while to go :/ EDIT: I now only have to finish 3 more side quests, unlock 5 more unique dragon shouts, and clear 8 more dungeons for 100% It helped a lot to help clear dungeons by constantly running to make sure all enemies find you
  9. when I finally bought a house and went in it and see someone else in it immediately i think thief! and run at them when I realize its the Lydia follower who must have got lost when I had gotten some other follower during a quest xD
  10. feel a crossbow be unneccessary for my thief since I get 3x damage with my bow anyway but maybe a really high enemy I could pull it out, or if reloading time isn't insanely slow if enemies are alerted to my prescense possible. but the snow elves be cool to see some alive that aren't falmer
  11. Well the achievement guide says I'll get this one guaranteed by time I get all the rest of the achievements. So far I need to finish up the college on Winterhold stuff, just started companions and need the daedric artifacts but other than that need enough shouts 1 more dragon soul and the steal a item quest times a million for thieves guild achievement. yet when I look at my stats I only have 10 dungeons cleared. after completeing main storyline, thieves guild (main quests at least), and dark brotherhood. I've been playing as a thief with no follower most of the time, so have I probably just left an enemy or 2 in most dungeons since i'm sneaking 100% of the time? I'm not a big fan of the elder scrolls so if I manage to get all the other achievements and not this one it'll be a little upsetting for me lol
  12. willing to boost these starting next week, GT: DaSeeker25
  13. I need all the Moon achievements as well as the pack a punched crossbow one and the kill the pentagon thief
  14. I'd like to boost any multiplayer achievements send me a message if you're looking for people
  15. I played through every map in one session two separate times as well as randomly playing and the last time I started playing the achievement popped on the main menu screen the one time i've seen illfonic we were able to kill the heads but I already had the killfonic achievement so idk if that unlocks it
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