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  1. War mode gets boring after you saw the cutscenes 5 times... I cant stand seeing the tank shooting up the flaks anymore. And in MP of course it is the usual: I shot first, I hit first, I die first I need 10 shots to kill one, they need3, and in the killcam I never shot.... Fucking annoying!
  2. This goes to all the players who played BO1, the DLC maps and are now buying the remastered version. I just want to know if the following things are (still) in it. On Ascension, there was a out of map glitch close to the phd flopper which you could reach with the knife lounge, is it still there? (also is the knife lounge still there?) On Moon, after you completed the easter egg (earth destroyed), if you head down to the PaP, run all way into the back and look over to the teleporter, you can see the exploded earth above the hangar. Is this still there? Does the no helmet glitch on moon still works? Is the astronaut still on moon, and if so: is it still possible to use him to get the excavator you need? On Moon, if you kill the last zombie in the dome there will be no teleporting monsters in the old moon version, is it still like that? Does the 25 Zombies/Round glitch still works on Moon?
  3. Seeing that the numbers of unlocks of both achievements are different (on TA), I think that you have to kill the queen personally, not by Harkers army. So it is missable?
  4. The Dryad Queen achievement did NOT unlock for me, but the Harker one did.
  5. I'm lvl 29.7 now, story is completed, and now? I don't have any missons left. Do I have to create a new character to get all other cheevos or can I use the one already there? EDIT: Damn, that option is hard to find...In the game menu, where you can see your character, "below him" there is an option for change character, when you reached lvl29/30, choose this option to change the game into veteran mode, and the game will restart on veteran skill with your pre existent character.
  6. The main problem I had with the DZ is that (in the beta) I got constantly killed by assholes, most of them 12y old dipshits which you could easily spot by their cliche gamertags. I got killed over 100 times during the closed beta, that's why I don't even started the open "killing kindergarden" beta. I'm too old to having to deal with annoying little kids who think it's cool, gives them a hard on when they kill everything in sight. I remember a group of 5 people constantly being rogue and just annoy other players on that server. Especially when you went to the EX zone .....grrrr NOW: Thank god Ubisoft listend to my hatefilled posts. Now after being rank 30, I only got killed 3 times in the whole process. I remember a little kid called "Fusion x atom" with his group, after killing me they told me that this is the smartest way to play. I found around rank 12 a nice little exploit in the darkzone, a combination of little bugs so that you can get 5000XP in around 10 minutes, including tons of blue/purple items. After we abused that little bug for hours, I ended up with 400.000 DZ$, and my storage was always so full, we all had to take sell breaks and now got 900.000$ (orange money). That's the way to play smart.
  7. HONESTLY IM SO FUCKING SICK OF THIS GAME! I get constantly killed by fucking idiots, always lose all items money, my level goes down, I lost 30 keys today I never opend one fucking chest. I fucking hate those kids... This is so fukcing dumb, I have to retart without everything EVERY TIME! I cant fucking progress in this gave, I always end up in games with fucking assholes. And I can't kill them, I'm level 12 again but no chance. I use fire and explosive rounds but they wont fucking lose health. And after killing me, those motherfuckers are laughing and doing jumping jacks over my corpse. Fucking stupid kids...
  8. Another annoying thing: The AI Enemies all look the same, the same lines, I heard them a 1000 times. and even the spawn spots in the dark zone are alwys the same ones. A little more variety wouldn't hurt, I know this is an rpg, but come on it's 2016 not 2006.
  9. That's why it's called a beta. And there is a warning always at the start of the game. I like the game, I really do. The grounded - realistic setting is way better and easier to adapt than Destiny and man I love my AK47. If they would keep the levels and items from the beta to the main game I would be so happy. I preordered and the ncencelled just to get the code, but damn the beta convinced me to buy the game.
  10. The most annoying thing in the beta are not the bugs, glitches no! Like in all multiplayer games, I fucking hate these annoying little kids. Playing the dark zone and you can bet that you won't make it out alive with loot. Kids camping at the extraction zones, play friendly, as soon as you call the Helo you're dead. I mean I like the game, the realistic setting, the tone, look and style. Even the dark zone is a very cool setting, but of course, like in all games, stupid little kids ruining it.
  11. Here is how I did it: I waited for the email with the beta code, hopefully to preload the beta. But nothing came SOLUTION: Log into your Uplay account, go to your account (upper right corner) -> Account Information -> Beta Access -> Show Access Key. Enter this code on the X1 and it will preload. (currently at 2% from 26Gb :/ )
  12. Honestly this game is fucking stupid! Why do these assholes of code mystics release such an unfair game? Not even the MK Arcade was like this. I can't win a game even against the first opponent. They rape you with combos, can block everything, know what you do before you do it etc. I know back in the 90s this was common for an arcade, but HELLO we're living in 2015 (I know we have 2016), 20 years later, and on consoles you can't bring such a piece of shit. Over on TA 3000 people have it, and only 300 got the 1000G, this speaks for everybody. Fuck Code Mystics because it would've been no problem to get rid of the overpowered AI, adapt it to consoles but i guess they just made a lame port.
  13. Yea that worked, damn I feel so stupid now for asking before looking...
  14. I can'T find the KI Classic (SNES) Shouldn't it be with the bundle which is free now?
  15. Don't know if this has been mentioned, I haven't read it in the guide... The "what's in the bag" is twice culmulative, or whatever the english word is. I've encountered the little runner at the start of the game, as usual and way later in the city, somewhere around where you have to give gold to all beggars. Both times it counted towards the achievement, and then I started this challenge mode, not a real new game, rushed to the spot at the cliff hit him with all I got and it popped.
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