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  1. Throwing my GT on the list for those wanting to pair up. Would love to knock all these achievements out. Send a message; let's schedule a time.
  2. I can deal with the graphics not being fantastic/clipping bugs, but the lack of tutorials is really what kills me here. Granted I'm only an hour or so into the game but I'm trying to "un-tired" my people and get materials to build facilities in my home base.
  3. Chalk one up for another person looking for help with the Ferrari Collector and Exclusive Taste achievements... Just looking to borrow them, no foul play. Can give you cars if you want but I don't have many. GT: Verkunder
  4. I can get all three orbs but I can't exit the level! Please help me before I throw my phone at the wall. Honestly though this game has made me swear off physics games that have "levels" off for the rest of my life.
  5. I'm sick of fucking losing. Please help me get to 45 so I can be done with this shit.
  6. Had the demo for a long time now, fell into some MS points and decided to get it. Message me first and we'll set up some times to play! I have a mic.
  7. Turns out I just had to do it again. Guess I was a little willy nilly on firing. Just take your time. When the slow floating ship arrives, the more you fire on that, the better off you are, as you'll boost your percentage.
  8. I was able to accomplish getting the Special Forces achievement by using the slow-mo Modification, but it didn't unlock Sniper. So, I went through again with slow-mo and died on Wave 6--no achievement. Anyone have this one?
  9. If I was in the UK, I'd get a Lumia 800 in a heartbeat. That being said, I use an HTC Titan.
  10. Got my copy for three bucks. 660GS for that price ain't bad.
  11. So frustrating. Daily Word isn't working here, either, No time switches.
  12. Stuck on episode two. Have all the elements listed. This is what happens when everyone copies stuff. I have 132/135.
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