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  1. I'm with ya. I've got 560k. This is the most evil bullshit luck based retarded mode I've played on ANY game EVER! The game literally fucks me over EVERY single time at 240-280metres. I literally want to smash my phone. I can understand a challenge but when its such blatant bullshit and takes away any enjoyment what I the point?! I would happily punch the person in the face responsible for this mode on wp
  2. NO1KEV


    You cant complete it anyway. 9 areas are permanently locked on the map and I have no idea if you will ever be able to play them! If the game never get updated you wont be able to get 4 achs
  3. Ok basically once you get to warehouse and suburbs areas you will notice padlocks still on 9 areas around the map and guess what? They are still locked even when you get all the stars on the warehouse area! So basically the game is literally IMPOSSIBLE to complete at the minute. I'm so pissed off as this is taking a gig space on my phone and I have no idea when or if the other levels and achs will ever be do-able. Do Microsoft not actually check any of the stuff on the WP marketplace?
  4. Right ok so I started this knowing it required a fair bit of grinding to have enough credits for some of the cars but I have noticed some of the bonus events require cars that can ONLY be bought with tokens! Is there any way to get tokens other than with REAL MONEY? If not then gameloft and Ms(for letting gameloft get away with it!) can kiss my arse!
  5. I like the game but its crap as far as enjoyment goes because I'm spendin 90% of the time grinding out coins to buy a car for the 1bloody event its only ever needed for.
  6. Ok does anyone know an easier way other than the 1st race to grind out credits? This game is pissing me off everytime a new event is available I need a new 30k plus car its ridiculous. I have season 5 open but none of my cars are good enough to finish better than last so back to grinding coins. And a couple of cars I need are 550k! Fucking ridicolous to grind for 5hours plus for one car. Stupid game im done with gameloft when I finish this
  7. Ok so I picked this up in the spring sale. Started it last sat played enough of the campaign/ story mode and played the weekly challenge. Played on Sunday because that's when the challenge is supposed to change and exactly the same challenge. Now tried a week later on following sat and its still stuck on the same challenge 3-2! Is this no longer working? Or is my game gone tits up and I need to delete and re-install it?
  8. Well my weekly challenge has been stuck on 3-2 for last 2 weeks. I only got it in the spring sale. Gona be pissed if I cant get the last 40g. Ppl have completed it recently on ta so why wont my challenge change at all?! Pile of shit
  9. Right finally have this unlocked. To anyone else having a problems I basically did a fresh install of the game and left it running in the 1st level of the 1st chapter for 30 hours STRAIGHT and it unlocked bang on 30hours. Think the in-game clock/timer is glitchy as hell! Done and un-installed!
  10. Right ok, I'm not saying this is a solution BUT this FINALLY unlocked for me on my 5TH install. I just left the game on the 1st level in the game overnight for 10-12 hours straight and it unlocked. I only have a 5min lockout screen so I used a bit of tin foil/kitchen foil and pinched the screen this keeps the game\phone from turning off. I take no credit for the tin foil method I saw it over on trueachievements. So I wonder if you have to play the SAME level for ten hours?! Now deleted this shite
  11. Right am I the only person with all the time based achs being glitchy as hell?! The 5 hour one took like 10-15 hours before it unlocked and the 15hour ach didnt unlock till I had 3 stared 8 of the 9 chapters with achs and I used NO videos so I know that was 30 hours plus. Now my game has been on for 5hours every evening after work for 2 weeks since the 15hour ach unlocked and the 30 hour ach still hasn't unlocked! This is fucking ridicolous! Do I keep going and hope it unlocks or give up? I only have a 5mins lockout screen so I cant even leave it running overnight
  12. Ive picked this up in this weeks sale and am looking for anyone to do the co-op/mp achs can do them 1vs1. If anyone is interested message my gamer tag no1kev
  13. I'm looking for someone to do the online achs for this. Trying to clear my xbla backlog. Message my gamer tag no1kev if you're interested
  14. I'm looking for anybody to help me with the co-op achs and obviously towards the zoned out ach. Message my gamer tag no1kev if you can help
  15. I'm looking for anyone to trade the online achs with. I cant be bothered to set up another gamer tag just to do it. I havent even started the game yet so should only take a hour pr 2. Message my gamer tag no1kev
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