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  1. Not very Christmas-y down here~ I hope you get plenty of skating in.. how long is your break?

  2. Iceskater101


    That would be beyond cool if Oliver/Stephen Amell appeared in Justice League as himself. I would be freaking out. I think it would be very weird if they recast the Green Arrow for the movie of Justice League. I don't know how to do spoiler tags so don't read if you aren't caught up with the show!!!!!!!! seriously don't read... Anyway, I am so excited for Barry Allen/The Flash to be on the show and I am hoping that he and Felicity will have a fling of some sort because they are absolutely perfect for each other! I am so sad about Shado's death though because I really enjoyed her as a character, but I kind of figured she wouldn't make it off the island. I think all of these villains they are including is awesome especially since Slade is back with that other creepy dude that may/may not have a thing with Laurel? Plus there is Malcolm returning and I am interested to see how she will handle the whole Thea is his daughter thing. Just imagining Thea hearing that news will definitely destroy the mother/daughter relationship that they finally mended. I am so excited for new episodes to return.
  3. I agree execution is very important, just because Spiderman 3 fell flat on it's face because of the poor execution of the villains doesn't mean that this movie will. I am hoping they learned something from that third Spiderman movie. I am personally excited to see this in theaters! I really enjoyed Andrew Garfield as spiderman and Emma Stone was perfectly cast as Gwen.
  4. I think it's an interesting theory that took a lot of time and having a great deal of knowledge from all of the pixar movies... however I find it unrealistic that all of these stories exist in the same place. I just look at each of the pixar movies as a different stories. I mean the easter eggs that are placed in each of these movies does support this theory.. but I am just not sure if I actually believe in it.
  5. The first one was hilarious! This one I am not so sure.. it doesn't seem to be as funny but I guess I will see when it comes out .
  6. Agreed. I went to see it on Monday and I didn't like how a lot of it wasn't in the book. It's really hard for me to believe that three movies are needed for one book. Although I did like this part wayyyyy better than the first part.
  7. That's really awesome. I wish we could do something like that here!
  8. I saw this on the Today show and this is really depressing... I don't think he deserves the electric chair or the death penalty but he does deserve jail time. Killing four people and injuring two? I am sorry but you have to have consequences. It's really sad if you have money you can get out of situations like this and that's why I can't stand when celebrities get caught because they have no penalties just like this kid.
  9. I still have my santa avatar from two years ago ish.. I don't change my avatar all that often.
  10. Metro 2033, it's for my boyfriend for christmas. My brother said it was a really good game so I decided to buy it for him. That way I can watch him play it to see if it's something that I should play!
  11. I am asking for a 3DS for christmas.. I really want to play all of the new games coming out! I didn't really care about asking for the XL because I am sure the 3DS is fine.. and the 2DS is just really ugly in my opinion. I asked for it in the purple color so I am hoping I get it! I will still be pretty happy even if I don't because I just love christmas in general.
  12. I think this would be a little too weird for me.. I don't know what they would do with the cereal characters to make them as powerful as the capcom fighters. I also would like skyrim with pokemon, I saw some photoshop edits of pokemon added into skyrim and I think it could work.
  13. Haha well that's fun! Enjoy your vacation in florida, that's a nice long deserved break! I haven't been ice skating yet but I definitely want to!

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