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  1. I've got around 200 hours on PC and have unlocked just 7% of the 290 or so achievements. I'd guess the barest a minimum of 1000 hours for full completion. Worth noting that 15 achievements on PC are still at 0% worldwide completion.
  2. Bit late to this, but what part of space are you in? I myself have just respawned at Trevithick Dock and am looking for the same cheevo.
  3. What did you hate about it? What kind of tips are you looking for? The best advice I could give you is to get really comfortable with moving your ship... it sounds trite but a combination of smooth multiple directional inputs makes you more maneuvreable. Managing your power as well is vital, flicking to shields for a head-on pass, engine to burn around and get on their tail and weapons to fully unleash. Using the environment is important as well, hiding, misdirecting, the lot. One thing I haven't tried outside of the PC version is flying with flight assist off and I'd recommend you watch Isinona on youtube for an idea of just how much more 'flickable' the ship is (but this will take a lot of practice to fly with it permanently off... on PC, I use it to make 180 turns rather than lazy loops... helps when you're in the slower ship).
  4. Checking reviews and it's not hugely promising, but I'm just such a big fan of rally games that this looks tempting. The WRC series has so far been an abomination in the hands of the Milestone team and with the incredible DiRT Rally one day set to come to consoles (i've been loving it on PC), I don't know whether to wait or get it now. Another issue outside of middling review scores is the price... $89.95AUD on XBL and the same price at retail... what is it with these niche racing titles? It's like Milestone's RIDE still sitting at $90 on the shelf. The achievement list also doesn't look any different to previous WRC titles (although 100G just for winning a season is fairly tasty). Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts.
  5. If you're referring to the wolf-pack training mission where it says to work with your wingmen, you don't actually get control of them. I merely used them to take the heat (I flew behind the nearest asteroid so the Cobra targeted them instead) and then flew in to take him from behind As to actual people, for all my hours I've never flown in a wing. I believe it's been implemented but unsure yet if it works (last I read was someone in February saying that only CQC was working at the moment).
  6. I've also spent hundreds of hours in the PC version and can attest to Elite's insane other-worldliness. The control scheme for the Xbox is, in particular, exceptional and will be (or maybe already is) ported over to the PC version for controller users there (I use a HOTAS/Rudder and TrackIR on that platform). This game is very much what you make of it. I like to travel and find conflict zones and get in fights... travel far enough and you can sell your cartographic data, as well as build an idea of what goods are worth what and where. I'm saddened to see so little activity on the XA forums about this, I really thought it might get more love. With that said, this to me is the first truly PC-like game to appear on console... and by 'PC-like' I mean that it has extensive complicated command lists and a vision that exceeds even the biggest and greatest of games. If you're an Australian (or near enough that we share similar timezones) please do add me! Of all my 200 friends on XBL, I'm the only one who bought Elite Also, hot-tip for control setups (at least until the amazing Elite controller is released), I found that these mirrored other console flight sims the closest... up/down - pitch left/right - roll up/down - vertical thrust left/right - yaw (rudder) You can then click which changes you to alternate controls.. I haven't set this bit up properly yet but it changes my left/right to lateral thrust (which is useful for docking). I haven't changed any other controls as they all seem placed okay for me, but the default twiddle stick settings are a bit ordinary. o7
  7. I'm wondering if I need to turn my difficulty up so it ISN'T the MyPlayer show. I love getting high scores and the like, but hate passing to a teammate who is wide open and having them miss, almost every time. It's interesting that there's no achievement guide... i know it's essentially the same every year, but I like to think that many others find this game the same as I do... it's one I play for the love of it and I never check out the achievement list for it.
  8. The Knight's Honour was the only achievement I couldn't get (which meant i missed the final cheevo too). There was just too much to track and I started to get frustrated, feeling like the only reason I was playing was to fill a shopping list of weapons. After grinding the library for THREE DAYS I still couldn't get one of the weapon drops I needed and I moved on.
  9. Wow. Good find! I have a PS3 but not move/gun, but I imagine you're correct... to be properly calibrated you'd need either a switch on the gun to reset calibration, or a camera to pick up the light on the gun to translate movement on-screen.
  10. VICTORIOUS! My first real go ended up timing out on that last obstacle... even managed to get my bike on the ramp twice but couldn't stick the landing on the finish line. Second real go, 338 faults, 28 minutes, did it. It's that uphill ramp and the two sections with the canted boxes... on my first go I nailed the first set of boxes in one go, pure luck obviously, I spent about a hundred faults on each of the three tricky sections. Now to whittle it down in time and faults but for the moment, just enjoying that massive sense of exhiliration over having used actual skill to beat that bastard track! EDIT: Hopped on my PC copy, 244 faults and 21 minutes.
  11. Finally beat Butch and unlocked Platinum medals. I've got some fairly well levelled bikes and the tracks get insane... and it has proper fender-grabs, back-wheel grip-to-drop, bunny-hops and more... insanely faithful to the series' mechanics. I'll admit, I have dropped a fair amount of cash into it, somewhere around $35 now and will probably spend more. Most of that went on the costume bundles that pop up (one gave me 500gems, 300k coins and a suit that adds 50% extra coins on each checkpoint, that was $15 or thereabouts). It's overtaken Zen Pinball as my most played mobile game ever.
  12. Cool story, Siegfried, and that's the very same journey many have taken! I started out with Trials: 2nd Edition, then moved onto the Xbox and Trials HD and Evo. I would get up to the hard events and look at my 200 fault runs and think... well this is impossible. Then Fusion came along, and with it my discovery of the University of Trials (with the most excellent Professor Fat Shady). I realised that the reason I never played (or even unlocked) an Extreme track was because I wasn't thinking of the bike as an object that interacts with the environment. Thinking it must be magic or something loosely to do with the bike's placement, I was genuinely playing all the first three titles without a clue as to what was going on. Then Shady taught me the bunny hop and the importance of landing on the back wheel (or the frontwheel depending on the next obstacle). Once I got that down, my confusion unravelled and I was approaching gold tracks with confidence, putting in zero fault runs on everything I could see. Then I unlocked Extreme tracks and two to three hundred faults later I'd beam with pride at my bronze medal. Then shit really started happening when I went back to Evo and started unlocking achievements I'd previously thought impossible. Then it was a torrent of youtube vids of Good Grief, Bigsh0trob and more and I started reducing faults on my expert tracks until we get to where I am now. I've got Rock of Rages down to 5 faults, all Experts are gold (including Inferno IV) and I'm feeling super confident about platinuming the first three Extreme tracks... and like you, it was that train part of Rock of Rages that really threw me (literally took me weeks of retries looking for that magic bike angle that saw me get above the box) until I popped a bunnyhop as soon as I landed, gave a quick tap of the brake and found myself on my front tyre at the checkpoint a split second later. I think my real challenge from here is getting Platinum on other regular tracks. I find myself short by tenths or even full seconds. I notice Sieg mentions bunny hopping on landing, is that what you do to get immediate traction? Because i'm probably losing valuable time settling my frontwheel down when I land. Anyway, sorry for the long story but I'm more excited by Trials than I have been by any other game in recent history. Nowhere in gaming, not even in my most hardcore moments (saying that as a member of two hardcore gaming groups in ArmA 3 and DCS flight sims) do I get this insane feedback loop of skill and exhiliration.
  13. Just wanted to add that this game can at first be disappointing for Trials enthusiasts as the tracks seem very easy, just a few jumps and hills. But later on, there's some seriously tricky stuff going on and you'll need to master your bunny-hops and back-wheel placement. I've spent about $20 on it so far but I'm a huge fan of the series so I was happy to drop some money in for a new skin and some coins/gems to support the dev team if it means more Trials games in the world.
  14. Based on my personal experience, the easiest three tracks in Fusion (from easiest to hardest) are; 1. Rock of Rages 2. Deluge 3. Charred Remains I don't think it's just that they were easy for me.. it's more that the placement of the really tricky sections stand alone... there's very few in-a-row difficult sections like most extreme tracks. But yeah, Charred Remains took me 100 faults first go because of the second last section with the split pipes (just before the final cage). I've got it down to 15 faults (gold) and am eyeing off Platinum with a fair bit more practice. On a slightly related note, definitely my favourite DLC pack yet.. stunning environments, fantastic tracks, hard squirrels and more.
  15. Thanks Maka Looking forward to your squirrel list, can't find the little buggers!
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