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  1. I'll have to check that out this weekend, thanx for the tip!
  2. Hahaha glad it worked for you guys, watching them all roll and flip was just a side bonus;) I actually made an exhibition race with that car just for fun then I remembered the achv and thought to give that a try and it worked like a charm so I had to share
  3. I don't remember, think it may have been around 9'ish out of the 15. Just go after it once you get it, no biggy;)
  4. Sorry about that, like Bovine said, it's a barn find car:)
  5. Not sure but doing it the above way you won't finish last unless you don't know how to move the car;) I think it was 5 laps in I started to lap the others
  6. "Create an Exhibition with 25 laps with rolling time of day and complete it against Pro Drivatars" For anyone that wants this to be easy this is what I did. Setup up the exhibition match at Redstone Mine Scramble(To the left of the airport in the construction area). I upgraded the Regal Reliant Supervan(the one with 3 wheels, yes I know haha), then add the training wheels. Make sure you change your drivatar difficulty to pro then start the race. It was about a minute a lap. The beauty is the drivatars probably won't have the training wheels so there will be a lot of rolling and flipping by the AI. It's pretty hilarious too. Hope this helps someone, enjoy. Edit; The reliant is from a barn find, sorry should have added that;)
  7. How did you guys grab the board on top of the busted up airplane? Edit: duh nevermind, thought the danger sign was pointing the other direction. Apparently the map above doesn't show 2 boards but I could be mistaken lol
  8. Hey shrocky, sorry I missed out helping you with these this time around haha. Been working a lot of OT but I'm buying the game tomorrow just in time for 2 whole days off haha. I'll pop in here and there and help with the full games boards;)
  9. Got a legendary Oz kit from a mission if anyone needs one. Bout to head to work though so I won't be on for awhile.
  10. Does anyone have a nova electric shield? Just need it for this one mission where "Springs" gives you one but I sold it by accident lol Edit; finally got one in a machine.
  11. I'm a painter, but haven't really had the time to do anything special since 5 came out. Made one paint on 5 that was a remake from 4. If your looking for some advice I would start out with something that can seem simple so that you can realize how the different shapes will fit into whatever your trying to make. Once you start to see how things will go together work on something slightly more difficult and just keep progressing. I started painting on FM2 and eventually had some sought after paints in the forza community. But just start simple and work your way up, hope that helps;) This was the last paint made, someone made a YouTube video of it, here is the link if your interested. [ame] [/ame]
  12. http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=589977
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