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  1. Uh... I think it's 4, I'm still used to halo so I'm still urged to run into rooms, and I never have time to duck for cover because it seems if someone isn't using the m16 it's some other overpowered gun or a sniper rifle.
  2. M16 is 2 shots most if I don't miss (for me anyway). I pretty just much use the M16 with the red dot. Now that I have last stand on I need the Desert Eagle, just blow anyone who gets near my dying body's brains out.
  3. don't say that nobody just kills random civilians??? Anyone?
  4. A way to make it realistic is to have a bow (not a crossbow, I'll explain that in a sec) and to be able to use it by taking it from the bureau and being able to climb across the roofs with it, but it makes your target blink with a red dot if guards see you. If you're on a roof they attack you instantly. If you pull it out the guards attack you, and if you get attacked you drop it, no matter what. So that way you have to keep it until you need it. The reason why I say bow and not tiny crossbow is because any kind of crossbow would be expensive. A mini one would be incredibly expensive and you wouldn't want to stick it in some guards stomach and have to get a new one each mission (watch the video, he uses it to kill one of the guards). So a bow was a bent piece of wood with a string, a crossbow was a series of advanced cogs and bolts (for that time period.) So for such a complicated and annoying thing, knifes are better.
  5. This is just dumb, so one game gives you bonuses for finding all the hidden things (crackdown gives you nothing (you don't even need all 500 to max out your agility)), so therefore if a game doesn't it sucks. I mean, you don't get anything on the PS3 (I think) so at least you picked a console that gives you stuff for doing everything. Please, it's dumb to complain about something because you assumed a rare fact would be true.
  6. Heads up, it can be yellow, I got it in arsuf cause I charged a second group of guards.
  7. I've only had the absolute symbosis glitch, didn't bug me.
  8. Do NOT start a new game, just load old memory blocks.
  9. not really, one looks like the symbol on the cover of the box and the other looks like an eagle... not very similar.
  10. Ok, so if this is true, why do I have it? I only had full health once when I took out a target, but I did nearly all the side missions. And you have this opinion because of the game guide, which is screwed up completely.
  11. there are leaderboards for a singleplayer game?
  12. Play Gothic 3, trust me, you'll love every game to come out no matter how crappy because you played gothic 3.
  13. it's that thing that Altair originally used to justify his acting like an ass.
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