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  1. Seems Zach comes here rather than TA but this was posted over there: Since the afternoon 5/9/16 (GMT-5), all the achievements of the game have been unobtainable. For achievements with progress tracking (like drive 20 miles and finish the epilogue 3 times), the progress can still be tracked. Once you reach 100% of the said achievements, no achievement notification of any sorts will pop up. If you double press the guide button to check your achievement tab, they simply look unlocked (even in the unlocked tab). However, if you actual click the said achievement, it will look still locked. For achievements without progress tracking, they will look unlocked the moment you unlock them in the achievement tab (still no notification). But, when you click each of the seemingly unlocked achievement, they remain locked. If you have the achievement app on your Xbox One, you can check your achievements there. And all the achievement you should have unlocked will remain locked. I have tested this on my main account and one of my dummy accounts, and I can easily reproduce the above situation. http://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?tid=797993
  2. Hi again Zach, in response to your questions: Which achievements won't unlock for you? For me it is the Benji achievement, I have all others including Home Were you able to unlock any achievements after one that should have unlocked failed to? I personally left the Extras achievements until the end from what I remember and got the radio, photo and home achievements after reading all stories Were you connected to the internet/was Xbox Live down when the achievement failed to unlock? Yes Was more than one player logged into the console was the achievement failed to unlock? No What I have noticed is that my stats on the One - where you can compare against friends - my Extras progress is up to 250% If I delete my save, do the story again to unlock the extras, and read the stories again that goes up by another 20% ... not sure if that helps but it's what I noticed Also if I do that then the game seems to save at the last page of each story, however if I don't delete the save and just reload the game it seems to only save after the last page of the first story read (doesn't matter which) On the back of that I was thinking if MS can clear the cloud data at their end I could replay and the game starting with the stats at 0% ..... MS support have said they can't do that for me though
  3. Had a positive response from the Zach (the dev), he is looking into it and talking to M$ for help. He sounds like he genuinely wants it sorted so hopefully it will be.
  4. Still trying to get my Benji achievement to unlock, tried a lot of stuff and after going to the game hub apparently I have completed 250% of the extras and it goes up 20% if I delete all data, play the game again and read all the stories... Anyone else noticed this? Anyone contacted bracket games' support? (I have with no response), or has anyone tweeted @bracket_games? (I don't have twitter)
  5. Having the same issue with Benji's stories, like you guys I have the Home achievement already. Have emailed Bracket Games support but no answer yet (don't know how many people there are working there or how log they are taking for Christmas break though) I don't have Twitter but that's usually a better way of getting the attention for things like this I think so if other people have tweeted them please post if you get a reply... Like you guys I've tried: New save file Playing offline and going back online Removing local data and letting the cloud save sync back Removing and recovering tag Playing main story quick and slow Playing the Epilogue (both getting on the bus and calling Mom) and not playing it at all Only thing I noticed which I thought was weird was on a new save when I hit the last page on each story the game saves, but on a current save and you read them again it only saves after you hit the last page of the first story you read.... probably nothing but I just thought it was weird
  6. I've not played the XB1 version yet but do you think these medals should have carried over or it was always the case to do them on the XB1? Been a while since I played on the 360 version but as there were no achievements for medals I really can't remember what they were for .... any ideas?
  7. Didn't see anyone mention it yet but there are clothing items that boost the amount of XP you earn (I think). There is a +X xp value on some clothing items, I never needed them so didn't use them but worth a shot even if it means your character looks super weird
  8. I can't find this race at all, I guess I have to get it from Rockstar social club but can't find it when searching, can anyone help?
  9. Is this when running around killing stuff after game completion and 100% control? Just about to start this thing so was wondering, also to anyone that has completed it already is there anything missable?
  10. Sorry yea, that's what I meant. When I emailed them they said November 2014 and since then I know someone else had a reply to say that they thought it would be November but they didn't realise the amount of work needed and can't give a new ETA
  11. Literally came here looking for an answer to the same question, lol I played the last one without any upgrades until rescuing Kensie (as per the guide) so no big deal to do it again just in case, confirmation would be cool though
  12. IF you could upload a character to saintsrow.com you could probably re-download it from there to at least have your skin (no levels or weapons etc) However since that functionality on saintsrow.com doesn't work you can't do anything like that. By all means send the Deep Silver guys an email asking about this, the more people that pester them about fixing the website the more resources they should pump into it and I can finally get the Saintified achievement on the 360 version lol
  13. The Saintified achievement in Re-elected just states to create and save a character locally, not to upload it to saintsrow.com I can only think/hope they did this so they weren't shipping a known glitched game, would be good if they could patch the old one to do the same though .... Anyway, from what I have heard they are still working on the site and can't or won't give an ETA on a fix to the functionality, just have to wait
  14. Just as an update, a friend and I had issues connecting in Player matches only. Ranked matches (on Fortress) were super easy, Clan matches were OK but more people play those it seems so had more randoms that we were matching with but sorted it eventually. For the Player matches it seems my friend had issue connecting to my game, if I invited him he could accept it but then freeze his game. He invited me just fine though so it was just weird I think. I know this may not help anyone but just wanted to share my experiences with this
  15. I had done the same but only once for like 5 mins, I'm going to try again with a couple of guys and hope it's not so bad
  16. Ah .... well that does not bode well then Were you searching for a boosting partner, as in you definitely knew someone was online or just randomly searching?
  17. Heard reports of issues connecting to other players online, even if you find a match you get kicked back to lobby screen shortly after. I haven't tried properly yet myself but is anyone else having this issue or can you persevere and get going eventually?
  18. Last I heard it will be fixed in the next big patch they do/new DLC release If you really can't wait then you can get the disc version somehow (I rented it personally), delete the downloaded version if you have it. Then you have to disconnect from the internet, meet the requirements for the achievement and then reconnect to Live and the achievement pops You can then go on to play the downloaded version for the rest of it
  19. Sooo ..... how hard is the game then? .... Anyone?
  20. Agreed, easier than 2013 and that wasn't hard at all I ended up getting it at launch and did it all in 4 days, was planning on doing it quicker but life got in the way lol Still happy with 1st in leader-boards on here and 3rd on TA
  21. Just completed this game and although I enjoyed playing it for the most part it was still pretty much the same as it has always been ... -The achievements were all pretty much the same as the last two years -Could barely tell the difference in handling from 2013 -Changes made to the Scenario Mode I wasn't a fan of - the Very Easy and Easy lists were no challenge at all and were boring to HAVE to do them -Even the Hard part of Scenario Mode was easy because (apart from the last one) it was basically a game of blocking people from passing you -Season Challenge was EXACTLY the same as 2013 -Having 3 different lengths of Career mode almost killed me, instead of giving "shorter" careers why not just allow me to set a full career to 3 or 5 lap races!! Spending half an hour to run 25% of a race isn't fun when you have to do 38 of them over the three Career paths Finally I understand that the game needs to load and this can take some time, but to watch a loading screen to see a cinematic shot of the car to then go to another loading screen is not cool! Sorry for the little rant at the end but I encourage anyone to give their thoughts on the game and maybe what you would like to see in F1 2015 .....
  22. Thinking the same myself, the achievements are all the same and nothing race or skill specific which is a shame The single achievement for co-op isn't a bad thing from a completionist standpoint and I think it will actually create a competition between even boosters, instead of taking turns winning races to stay close to eachother in the table to both win the Driver's Championship in one season you can have a proper race (so long as you still at least win the Constructor's) Still going to get it though, maybe just not at launch
  23. Thinking the same myself, the achievements are all the same and nothing race or skill specific which is a shame The single achievement for co-op isn't a bad thing from a completionist standpoint and I think it will actually create a competition between even boosters, instead of taking turns winning races to stay close to eachother in the table you can have a proper race (so long as you still at least win the Constructors) Still going to get it though, maybe just not at launch
  24. OK so knowing how this now works it looks like if you have a value in all of the Events Play PB stats and your achievement hasn't popped you may need to start over..... that's IF these stats are saved locally on your save file, if they are saved on the server then I think you may have you beat what you have in that stats page, again that is just a guess but worth a try if you can
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