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  1. U need a Good Upload speed to get it not to say warning.. any thing less then 1 MB is probably going to say warning.
  2. I had this problem too.. just re-download the game
  3. So to get this sword Play Chapter 6 on Hard. Anything else? like get all chest, kill all monsters? Even a video will help. Thanks in advance.!
  4. DJ411

    Hard Diff?

    thankz for the info... I also just noticed something on the top right of the race selection screen! it shows some sort of symbol. Just like the middle of the achievement http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1072/UP7iqpc=.jpg its like the tower thing with the person... i'm going to do another race and get first again lets see if it comes up... 62 rank on the first race So i won my second Race on Hard and its kind of hard not to get the Fans and the Gates!! But i'm 6th on the Second race on the leaderboards Look for DBZDJ
  5. High Roller: 10G Win over 2000 chips in a hand of Poker. This is 2000 Chips in one go! i've busted out everyone and won 2500 and no achievement but i know i didn't win over 2000 in one hand so i think u have to win 2000 chips in one bet or what ever its called i have proof to that u don't get it for winning just over 2000.
  6. Ya u have to find all the scrap parts for the outfit before u get to wear it! i have the outfit now.
  7. Yes just like that...
  8. yes that is why i needed it for some reason i had a brain fart why i wanted the map but thats why i would like one. Plus maybe some weapon case locations
  9. i'm guessing theres not like BIG map that shows like where each area goes like those door ways i always see i have to go to it but where does it go?
  10. i can't find anywhere that has a map for this game... I don't care if it has items on it or anything i just want to see where i'm going sometimes. please can someone help me out
  11. Finally a map i can follow... anything and almost everything on Youtube doesn't help. And i think u can get some of the audiofiles in any order so the videos don't help if u are missing some.
  12. DJ411

    Gut It Out! Help!

    I did this on BAJA - Pro, the first race. I choose Dave to race with me. Then you let Dave come in first and u come in Second. or what ever place u want. As long as u win or your team is first then your good. But just don't come in first.
  13. i just got 10,530 for the Hufflepuff Match Practice and i only got 4 stars is that good enough? edit forget it i have 10,910 now
  14. So to get the flying achievements u need to get all five stars in each practice and match. And to get five stars u need to go thru all stars? what about the dummies do u hit those? i keep getting 4 stars but i can't seem to do anything wrong. Whats good and whats great like how do u get great all the time.
  15. thankz needed the whole thing keep walking around trying to find ppl but no go this helps alot
  16. Ya i can't seem to get this one either there's no one to help u can't cast spells nothing..... what do u DO?
  17. to find it i think u have to go to the clocktower then go left or from the boat house go up the dirt hill
  18. Ok for ones that are really high look for a platform on the other side like theres one near the Quidditch secret door and that high but if u go on the stairs your right across from it. But if thats not your problem then tap the thumb stick forward and it should shoot it towards it.
  19. Here are the secret Achievements from Disk: 1. Only a Prime 25 G .....Defeat The Fallen as Optimus 2. Traitor 25 G .....Defeat The Fallen as Megatron - Decepticon Campaign 3. The Living Dead 15 G .....Viral - Kill someone with Viral Achievement, then taunt them in a RANKED or PLAYER MATCH game Hope this make ppl think more about getting the game didn't play the first one on XBOX 360 maybe this will make me get both
  20. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1Oz2TVzK2o][Tutorial] Fuel - How to get Hovercraft HD[/ame]
  21. not the secret achievements if i were him i would have just done the Secret Achievements
  22. Repeating Topics i see
  23. DJ411

    Mini Review

    I'm playing this game as we speak its VERY Open world it's almost like looking at a GPS. You can go any where it this game(but not during races online in free roam). My friend quoted "almost took me 3 hours to go around the whole map" or across don't remember. I'm not saying it's true but from the looks of things i would have to say that could be possible. Game play is good so far, nothing really glitchy, visuals are an 8/10 nothing really good. Controls are just ok i was driving my first ATV that u have to buy for a race and it was really hard to turn corners. My dirt bike experience was ok, but i hit a rock and very small rock and i guess i crashed my bike and i got reset so i don't know about the collision system in the game yet. The dune buggies are ok looked like a CPU crashed through a broken truck and the truck was destroyed into pieces (lol the truck got pwnd). I haven't gotten far but looks to be about 3 or 4 types of vehicles. Looks to be normal cars, something like a Harley Davidson type of bike, Dirt bikes, ATVs and there are some sick looking ones too, Dune Buggies, looks like theres trucks & of course MONSTER TUCKS. But yes this game was not an eye catcher for me but i seem to like it so far. Don't know how long this game is going to be but from the looks of things it might be kind of long. There's camps for certain locations on the map. The first location has 3 races for Career, under Career. Then theres about 5 challenges in the Challenges section including Speed Run, Chopper Chase, Seek'n'Destroy, Raid, and Checkpoint. The second camp i unlocked has 6 Career Races and 3 Challenges so it very's from Camp to Camp. If i had to give this a rating i would have to give it a 7.5/10. I'm kind of an achievements whore and from the look of things this is going to be a long game. And i don't like online achievements also. But for Visual i would have to give it a 8 or 8.5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBR9Lp9-B44]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBR9Lp9-B44[/ame] Gameplay For HLR zdmetal
  24. Salt Over Snow 15G In Free ride, go from White Flats Camp to Pinwheels Ridge Camp without resorting to the choppers. Newton Was Right, After All! 15G Fall 150 Meters Sand to Stone 15G In Free Ride, go from Tsunami Reef Camp to Redrock Bluffs Camp without resorting to the chopper. Squadala, we're off! 15G Use Heliports one hundred times. Faster then a magic Carpet, huh?
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