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  1. yes kind of, if you can sing/hum and have the patience of a saint, the game is really bad, you will need to put up with 100 songs out of synch and restart some competitions to come last place etc, personally i cant be bothered.
  2. This happened to me too, player manager but can now only manage after 1 season? i was soo close to the 5 star rep too, good one EA cant find my player to transfer now either..
  3. im with the guy who says it bloody annoying and fairly hard, cant wait to see the back of this one
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZTuDpezrQc]YouTube- TSG Dwaggie - GLITCH - Brave - A Warrior's Tale - No Map Loaded[/ame] i was stuck here too seriously who tested this game? I just quit out and reloaded the game and it worked
  5. yup worked a treat thanks. same with me 2/2 glitched clearance. now if i can only find a good guide for bicycle kicks and diving headers i would be 99% complete
  6. I would like to know this too although i suspect they will never get better as EA want us to play with 10?, also in my club trophy room there is trophys for winning leagues and placing in certain positions in the league? i would like to know how you enter a Pro club into a league? googling about trophys brings up ps3 achievement clone
  7. 82% through now, just wondering if anybody has any tips for the following:- goal line clearance (I have beat my own keeper and cleared off the line 4 or 5 times doesnt seem to unlock) score from 3 yards (have walked ball in etc wont give me credit for any) score a diving header score a bicycle kick Create 100 goals with ground passes (any easy way to get this done?) any tips or video links would be greatly appreciated
  8. Also need all multiplayer, msg if adding please im on later tonight and most week nights
  9. Im up for killing them all, esp when the little bastys used to kill me in warcraft
  10. also looking for online coop achievements Add me and msg plz if any1s up for it
  11. I consider beating a game an achievement, esp after going back and grinding for 10 hours to get my BR up.. and not even a well done at the end..
  12. I have just read that, how annoyed am i? Thanks for your reply I think the person who designed the achievements for this game needs to realise some people have lives and not everybody wants to spend there entire life's doing game completition, really there should be better achievements.. like 1 for doing the 6 bases, my score looks no different to somebody whos been playing for a few days.. I feel so ripped off I would rather saw mi nuts off with a blunt fork that have to start all over again
  13. As topic says - finally nailed him, watched the nice ending and no achievement wtf? Have i missed something?
  14. Im on disk 2 and dont seem to have Irina, will she become available later in the story? TIA
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