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  1. Not really, I know when I signed in though to multiplayer it brought up a double xp message of the day kinda thing
  2. Is it only on nuke town or all game modes/maps?
  3. Yeah there is a guy in both series called Nikolai. The one I'm talking about is the drunken Russian in zombies mode
  4. As far as I know there are two COD titles being developed right now. Infinity ward is working on one, might as well be MW4. And then sledgehammer games is working with "the guitar hero company", I think it's the guitar hero people, anyway they're making a new COD title as well. I'm guessing it'll be a new spin off franchise and then next thing you know there will be 2 CODs every year just to make tons of profit from 😐
  5. The campaign is fucking amazing! Haven't gone back to do different decisions yet but not sure if they matter much, I'm still wondering if there is two endings and such. As for zombies it's also awesome! The only problem I've had is with randoms who seem to not give a fuck when your whole team is down and they run around like an idiot and just die in seconds. And the lag in zombies scares me so much! I played a match with randoms and it like lagged and froze for a second and when the connection fixed itself I was facing 10 zombies in front of me and they downed me automatically. Zombies with lag scares me so much lol And as for multiplayer I haven't encountered any campers yet. The maps are downsized and even if there are campers they don't camp for very long because someone finds em and shoots em in the face. The weapons seem okay to me, the assault rifles seem to beat smg's all the time for some weird reason and the hit detection goes all funky every now and then. Like I'd shoot the wall as this dude was running away and somehow I'd get the kill. Or I'd hip fire with the mp7 and hit him on his foot and what not and it'd register as a headshot. I always complain about lunge in this game as the knifing has like super halo lunge in this game. It's really retarded. Also the sniper rifles seem to be beast in this game and I rarely use sniper rifles in any COD titles. Maybe it's just the hit detection for the rifles but they are pretty damn good. Also I haven't had multiplayer issues as far as lag goes except when it constantly migrates host or can't set up a match due to needing more people even though the lobby is full. My connection seems to be okay as far as I'm concerned since I'm actually killing people in this game compared to modern shitfare 3. Anyway I think that's all I've come across so far and I've been playing this game like a crazy person.
  6. I remember last week I picked up halo 4 and my mind was blown by how great those graphics are for being on a console and then this week I picked up blops dos and I was just like wtf?! Idk how COD does it but they need a new engine, what's so bad about the unreal engine anyway? They could have been using that or instead they could have spent more time upgrading this games engine to make it look close to a next gen title but instead the graphics look so bad. Like I'm okay with the graphics but gosh they are so bad compared to every other game that has come out this fall, like the COD titles need a major rehaul with their engine or at least use a different and better engine.
  7. I constantly play kill confirmed like in mw3. Mainly because even if I'm doing pretty bad in a match I can still run around like an idiot picking up everyone's dog tags and getting loads of points from it
  8. Just wondering if anyone has seen or heard them in this game at all. I know Richtofen is all over zombies mode and Dempsey can be heard in regular multiplayer for voice over characters for certain multiplayer factions but has anyone heard Nikolai or Takeo yet? I still want to know what happened to them after the moon Easter egg
  9. So which guns do you think are the best for each category of weapons? I really like the type 25 and the pdw so far and the 870 shotgun
  10. That's what I'm hoping! It looks the same and seems to perform the same but it's weird when it fires the bullets. Like the first couple of bullets shoot fast and then the rest of the ammo clip it slows down some what
  11. I really don't want a hidden kill streak in this game. Especially if its one like the nuke from the modern warfare series. Cause once people find out you will have tons of kids camping like there's no tomorrow with their sniper rifles. Thank God "Ghost" isn't unlocked until you're level 55!
  12. There's already people who have been releasing YouTube videos of zombies, multiplayer and single player all week long last week. I guess the videos haven't been flagged or anything because they are still there and anyone can watch em. Plus the game comes out in a day basically so I don't think they'll take those videos down with the game releasing just around the corner
  13. The true rank scoring system is only available in league play game modes/ game types. Regular level ranking up system is still present in public games and what not. Only league play uses the true rank scoring system.
  14. Apparently they don't have lag compensation anymore according to treyarch themselves. They developed their multiplayer to utilize your multiplayer experience based on your Internet speed. And apparently you are supposed to get matched up with players who have about the same Internet speed as you do, this way it keeps the multiplayer more normal than using lag compensation. I read it all in an article somewhere and treyarch explained it all.
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