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  1. This worked for me. I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out a way to re-earn that achievement when it didn't show up on my profile (I didn't use the clock glitch). Also, the Extras app has been nerfed a lot in the latest WP7 (it's only an avatar editor now).
  2. I need to reset my rank so that I can get the "Ultimate" achievement (both it and the "The world is safe... for now" achievement weren't appearing on my XBL profile despite them popping in the game). How do I do this? I've already re-earned the "The world is safe... for now" achievement.
  3. I have the same problem with Minesweeper. Game says I unlocked all the achievements but my profile on my 360 and on Xbox.com says that "The world is safe....for now" and "Ultimate" are still locked (even though, on my 360, those two achievement pics show as the last achievements unlocked). My phone (Lumia 900) got sent off for service today (completely unrelated issue) so I can't really do anything about it right now.
  4. Thanks. The reason I asked is because there's a US and EU listing for this game on X360A where the achievements were exactly the same.
  5. My question is rather different. Are there any differences in game content between the US and EU versions?
  6. Must be a glitch that shows up randomly. Hopefully there'll be a patch to fix it.
  7. Not sure why it didn't pop for me. The challenge gates are hanging around that zone (and I'm actually up to area 3 of the game now).
  8. I restored the Speed Highway zone gate by clearing both acts but I didn't get the achievement for it. Anyone else had this problem?
  9. I've noticed a greyed out option in the ingame menu for a move list. How do I unlock it?
  10. Third Tron file on chapter 7 is called "Black Guard". I have the file to prove it.
  11. According to this interview with the associate brand manager at Disney Interactive Tron 2.0 is not canon. This from page 2:
  12. What I did was hold while moving around and spamming .
  13. My MP pack code now works. Downloading the pack now. My preorder bonus codes from GAME still aren't working though.
  14. My MP pack code has worked. Downloading the pack now. My preorder bonus codes from GAME still aren't working though.
  15. @Enjay What are the new player models? @hillgroover If the codes have gone live, why am I still unable to activate mine?
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