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  1. you can't. this has been discussed before
  2. you should be able to fast travel? if not, just walk back.
  3. play all the sidequests that aren't part of achievements. there is so much more to this game than what the achievo cut out. lots of the best parts of this game are misc. side quests.
  4. it wasn't hard at all. it took a little bit of time, but honestly i wish it would have been more of a challenge and taken a little longer. this is one of the best games on the 360 and one of the few games i played after getting all the achievements. i've logged 250-300hrs . have fun.
  5. def keep as few people in the game as possible. if it's doable with 5, then do that. more people takes more time and complicates things
  6. it used to be "glitched " a while ago. like every match you would play would count towards the medal for some reason...
  7. takes lots of dedication. it's not hard, but you gotta be persistent.
  8. get used to it. happens all the time in online gaming
  9. i used to run it every night when i was sleeping, and sometimes during the day if i was AFK for a while. otherwise i would let it "recharge" or i'd be actually playing lol.
  10. any turbo controller should do. i bought the cheapest 1 i could find back when i did it.
  11. i'm 37 on the list, damn i was just thinking back to when i got this... i probably would have been in the top 10 if it wouldn't have been for skyrim. lol. came out 11/11/11
  12. I have heard level 22, but I just turned 22 last night and still cann't call martin to request missions. you can call lester (for bounties) at level 10 I believe.
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