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  1. Take the game back, simple as that
  2. The way I feel about this game can be expressed with one word. Meh.
  3. load map and discover everything in your chests have vanished 100G accumulative, because the game is so broken that this happens every time I log in and I deserve some sort of justice
  4. Pretty quiet. Used to be dead silent, but now you could hear it if you try. Still pretty quiet though, unlike my 360 which sounds like a fan on full blast
  5. ahahahahaha. Well I trust my friends, we had a world on the 360 version and it was a democracy. We even voted for a monthly president who played the role of problem solver. We had laws set down and each our own territories on the map. It's really fun Go to settings, then go to power & startup, click on Turn off after 1 hour of activity and choose the option that says Do not turn off automatically
  6. I know I had all the achievements in the 360 version, whereas none of my friends did that. Maybe that? I don't know, forever a mystery
  7. Just a precaution. I'm planning on leaving my xbox on all night for the next few weeks or months. Minecraft season, I'm host. People want access to the world whenever they're on. Is this bad for the xbox? I figured with the internal fan, it should be fine.
  8. Speaking of vanguard rank, what exactly is the purpose of that?
  9. Dinh Master


    So I began a patrol, and I did about 12 missions and it still hasn't ended. I feel pretty stupid asking this, but are patrols just everlasting? Is there a way to complete them, or are they just for bonus experience?
  10. As much as I love Spike Jonze, Adaptation was a Charlie Kaufman movie. Yes, Spike Jonze directed it, but, unlike in most cases, when Charlie Kaufman writes a film, it stops being the director's film, and becomes Charlie Kaufman's. The whole plot itself is about Charlie Kaufman, the main character is, in fact, named Charlie Kaufman, and it's about his insecurities and views on life. Adaptation was a 10/10 in my eyes, along with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Synecdoche New York (which was Kaufman's first directing project). He also began his career with Being John Malkovich, which I didn't find as strong as his later films, but still held the Kaufman feel, and philosophy. A better way to enjoy his films is smoke a joint beforehand, you'll experience a grand sense of enlightenment after watching his movies. They're absolutely beautiful and honest. As for Spike Jonze, if you want to watch a film that has his unique input, watch "Her." fantastic movie, and the score was done by Arcade Fire, which I found very interesting, considering my love for the band, and not knowing they did the score until further research.
  11. That was really hard to understand, but I see you're from Germany, so I assume english isn't your first language? I think I understand what you're saying... Lol.
  12. I just retrieved my 360 map to the xbox one version of the game, and it didn't add the 35 other adjacent maps. Is there a way to have the 360 retrieved map as big as the usual maps in this new version of the game? Please God tell me there's a way
  13. Dinh Master

    Hard Mode?

    Are there any benefits to playing on hard mode? Aside from the experience boost? There doesn't seem to be any achievements for it
  14. I made a session here http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/worms-battlegrounds/showSession-3366
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