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  1. Wish i had off just went to this page from the beginning.the guide on page one is incomplete and should not be followed. After checking things off this link i had my achievement in no time. Cheers
  2. Worked lovely, very nice and detailed guide . U might want to add that to skip going to vault 34 you need a 75med. instead of 50.
  3. Great guide. Got 25 in about half an hour to an hour using this
  4. Very nice i shall do this after i finish easy then
  5. Beat you to it it is hard but once you get the hang of it things get easier that being said im only about half through on easy
  6. Very nice i shall get started on the predator challenges soon enough.
  7. Very nice i can see myself doing the pc AA's but not city just dont think i could deal with the grinding again
  8. Thank you this was the last one i needed and i got it in a few mins
  9. Thanks very much i shall check on it shortly
  10. If this offer still stands i would love some stuff for a mage(lvl77) which i will change my pawn to now. GT: xStayHigh
  11. I intend to do just that but your right another playthrough of this game is no bad thing i just need to farm 10 more items and then thats me : ). Thanks for adding it to the guide.
  12. Just think you should point out that for Madeleine to go to her shop you need to complete the "Chasing Shadows" quest. This meant i couldn't do the "Bad Business" quest because i didn't know this and it now means a third playthrough for me . Other than that good guide
  13. What i did because i couldn't get the arrows to work consistently was use the Art of the Wind Blades Ninpo and if it connects with the worm it will get glitched and stuck in the tunnel allowing you to fire a void ninpo at it and a charged arrow for decent damage. Then just repeat 2-4 times. If you run out of ninpo just run around all the side rooms and destroy all the red egg sacks, there should be at least 10ninpo available this way.
  14. When you crouch it steadys your sniper.
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