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  1. That seems to be the industry standard. I definitely used to be all for getting games on day one but I feel like that’s not the most enjoyable experience anymore. Seems any game that releases is in a rough state and game breaking bugs are common place, quality of life features are barely even considered until receiving player feedback. All stuff that used to be done via in house testing and betas is now thrust upon people who preorder the game and play it on release. Prime example for a recent game is Valhalla. I was keen to play it but after hearing friends complaining about the bugs I feel like I made the right choice to wait for the game to mature.
  2. Having an issue in Story mode where I can’t progress past the instruction to throttle up. I selected Imperial. Changed control setup. Press A to get in ship. Press A to boot up ship. Press LS to target. Press RS up to throttle up. I go nowhere. I tried on default controls as well but still nothing. I also have played a multiplayer match and the controls work fine. Has anyone encountered the issue and know how to fix it?
  3. Hey Dad I need some robux because this game I used to play got moved to another game and now I need VIP for the new game so I can play the old game that is so much fun and...
  4. Nah I have only used the mobile app myself. I really like the latest update with the rich notifications, most of the time I don’t have to even open the app anymore. I can see enough from the notification image to know if it’s just my neighbour walking past or whatever.
  5. It does have the feature but usually by the time I actually check the notification and open up the Live view they have left. I will definitely share the video if I can question one of them though. It should be good for a laugh to see what excuses they come up with 🤣
  6. Interesting you are having issues with the sizing, what phone do you use? I haven’t had any problems with an iPhone, the sizing on mobile works smoothly for me. Even when flipping between landscape and portrait.
  7. Thankyou for the feedback! I am partial to the new dark mode personally, but I gotta admit you make very solid points and I can see why the old format is missed. Maybe it would be a good suggestion to add a “classic mode” colour scheme? Or perhaps changing some colours for the background and fonts etc.? I honestly don’t know how viable it is but I would definitely encourage you to send through an email with your suggestion here: feedback[email protected] This is the sort of constructive criticism that encourages discussion and helps the site to grow as a community, so keep it coming! Hope you get some time to have more of a look around and find some features that you enjoy! Also be sure to keep an eye out for the next phases of the update, because there are certainly new exciting features coming our way!
  8. Yeah it is seriously a crappy place to live. I have been looking at moving recently and I am certainly looking forward to being somewhere else. I just wish I would catch just one of these scum bags just one time trying to break in when I’m actually at home.
  9. Had another person try breaking in, this time in broad daylight. Dude came right up to my door and started listening to it like he was trying to crack a safe 🤣 Things just keep getting stranger, on “Tales from Blu’s doorstep”
  10. They aren’t so bad, I’m passively completing the game with my daily logins. Only something like 3-4 years to go! Seriously though I’m sure it doesn’t matter which GT you use Jack, as long as you participate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. This topic is already under discussion; Please try to utilise the search feature in the future before creating a new topic. Edit: You can also find more info about the update HERE and HERE.
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