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  1. Also in need of this achievement. Please add me in game. Gt: Piggypen
  2. Looking to trade for the last 2 online achievements. The trading thread was closed so I am starting a new one. Please send me a message to compete these. Gt: Piggypen
  3. The roommate and I are looking to finish up our Wings on a couple accounts. Send a message to RadMaxiPad if anyone starts up a group. Should be on most of the day. Have 2 controllers for both of us if that helps.
  4. I am looking to do some KOTH boosting. Playing my second account and want to get that up too. Have second controller, and my roommate (2nd tv, also has 2nd controller) wants to play as well. Send me a message if you need 2 more! GT: Dibis
  5. I am looking to boost the online games played, card games, etc. Please send me a message at Piggypen to rock and roll this!
  6. Still looking. I know this probably isn't frequented by many people any longer, but really would like this 5 POINT ACHIEVEMENT finished off.
  7. Looking for the full Cybernetic Champion set for dupe/borrow just for achievement. Any help would be great. I am online all the time. GT: Piggypen
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