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  1. This is happening to me too. I downloaded it back when it was on games with gold. Whenever I try to play it goes past the first cutscene, then loads continuosly. Have re-dowloaded and still having problems :/
  2. Something about that doesn't feel right, im seeing some sort of twist with that. The fact the mirror couldn't show us Faith makes me wonder if shes really dead or if this is some kind of trick.
  3. Unless the "Smoke and Mirrors' in part two come into play
  4. Was just wondering if anything had been said about this, can I have my profile on both the 360 and the one at the same time so I can play and earn achievements on both consoles?
  5. Looking to get this achievement as well, please send me a message if you can help PaganPegasus
  6. No option to buy on the xbox and on the site I just get, your purchase cannot be completed at this time
  7. Hopefully that was a glimpse of a third vp, but im guessing, with the fence and all it may have been zoo tycoon.
  8. Mostly I used it to get the special colored piñatas you cant get otherwise, and the third wildcard variant not in my disc. Hope its a temporary thing and its back up soon!
  9. Do we know if this requires Kinect or not?
  10. Getting back into the game after awhile and went to pinataisland.info, but only the main page will load. Is the site working for anyone else?? Its a shame that I cant get to the piñata vision cards that are on there. Makes it much easier to get the wildcards that aren't on my game.
  11. I made it through the 30 minutes, and I was playing premium greek, but the achievement never popped. Do I have to do the optional objective too?
  12. Can one play dead rising 2 without playing the first one without being too lost? I don't know how much of a storyline they share.
  13. Hosscat

    August GFG

    I would also like Castle Crashers to try out. As far as retail goes id like to see Dragon Age or Dead Space
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